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On the heels of Finland’s major political scandal which saw it’s vice-chairman of a foreign council committee, Perttu Salolainen smear wealthy US Jews with an antisemitic canard of owning the US media, the Finns now follow suit by pulling their ambassadors from their embassy in Tel Aviv.

NOTE: We are not dealing with people (in Europe) who value logic, truth and facts. They are ideologically bound and no amount of explaining the details to them will matter.

Despite claims to the contrary, building in E1 would not necessarily undermine the contiguity of a future Palestinian state.

Ireland, Finland latest to summon Israeli envoys

12/04/2012 19:28

Australia, Brazil also summon envoys on settlement plans; UK says sanctions not an option as EU discusses “incentives, disincentives.”


Ireland and Finland on Tuesday became the latest countries to summon Israel’s ambassadors to their states for discussions on Israeli settlement expansion plans.

Earlier in the day, Brazil and Australia joined Spain, France, Britain, Sweden and Denmark in calling in Israeli ambassadors over the announcement, which lay out plans for 3,000 new homes in the West Bank and east Jerusalem and steps up planning in the controversial E1 corridor.

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  1. On Topic: Sources: US behind European protest measures,7340,L-4315225,00.html

    The EU can’t get rid of their master-slave mentality can they? “Do as we say, or else…”. No wonder they like Islam so much. What a bunch of hypocrites. What did they do, during the last few years, when Israel was attacked with rockets of Hamas and the continuous incitement by the PA? Nothing.

    This is just from a fews days back:

    PA: UN vote turns terrorists into freedom fighters and disputed land into occupied land

  2. Oh and by the way, when the ambassadors get back to work, I suggest Israel only lets them stay in Jerusalem. Enough with the bending over backwards to EU demands.

    About the EU: Spain to get bank bailout next week

  3. Check this out: The area around E-1 is within Area C, where, according to Oslo II, Israel retained the powers of zoning and planning. As a result, much of the recently completed Palestinian construction there is illegal. In contrast, none of the Oslo Agreements prohibited Israeli settlement activity, though Israel undertook unilateral limitations upon itself in this area in recent years.

  4. Australia? Brazil? Just ask some Aborigenies or indiginous Brazilians how they’ve been treated by those nations. Not. Very. Nicely.

    Seems they have learned a little lesson from the dictatorial takeover of the UNHRC. If you attack Israel it will seem like your own actual crimes against human rights can magically dissapear.

  5. I think perhaps these Euros know Israel isn’t breaking any agreements or laws.

    But they know if they don’t make noticable statements against it – they will be attacked by arab terrorists – like the wave of terrorism in the 60’s that ended after they started distancing themselves from Israel (and started the programs of mass immigration btw).

    Just sayin.

  6. Oh and not for nothing but palestinians and Israeli arabs have full rights under the law. If they think Israel is doing something illegal, like building settlements where they did not agree previously Israel could, they can take them to court – AND WIN.

    This has happened in the past. Arabs have brought cases against illegal or otherwise naughty settlement construction to Israeli courts and stopped it.

    So why can’t they do so now? They can’t because Israel isn’t breaking any laws or agreements they made with the palestinians. Zero. Zip. Nada.

    No construction is being done where palestinians did not already agree it could done.

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