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 And the West looked on.

But this time, unlike 2011, it is the regime that enjoys the support of the armed forces and Western governments, being buttressed also with almost $10 billion in aid. “The people” aren’t going to bring down this regime and the new rulers are going to implement their interpretation of “God’s law.” That is the new meaning of democracy in Egypt.  Barry Rubin

Paralysed by political correctness, the West looks on as Egypt and Syria follow Iran into Islamofascism

By Peter Mullen

Why be content with just one Iran when you can have two? Egypt shows every sign of developing quickly into another Islamofascist regime. Egyptian judges have gone on strike because President Morsi has ascribed to himself something resembling absolute power, more control than even the hated and deposed “Western puppet” Mubarak ever had. Naturally, he is supported by the Muslim Brotherhood and assorted Salafists who look to the establishment of an Islamic republic resembling that of the Ayatollahs in Iran.

Oh dear, it wasn’t meant to turn out like this at all! When the Egyptian uprising began almost two years ago, it was cheered on by enthusiastic Western governments and an even more avid Western mass media who saw a brilliant democratic future for Egypt led by all those bright young people orchestrating peaceful revolution on their mobile phones. There were voices here and there – and I am not too shy to mention that this blog was among them – which spoilt the party by predicting the eventual takeover by the Islamists.

Why stop at two Irans when you can have three? Syria – where the idealistic “activists” were also lauded to the skies by the West – is heading the same way. Some of these idealists are now resorting to suicide bombs and torture in their campaign to be rid of Assad. The jihadists in Jabbat al-Nusra threaten to take over the Syrian uprising. One of the secular revolutionaries was quoted in Idlib over the weekend as saying: “We are not fighting Assad to go from living in an autocratic to a religious prison.” Another warned, “The next war after this will be between us and the Islamists.”

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  1. Our leftists and anti-Zionists will be utterly shocked by this outcome. They’ll forget they mocked us when we tried to warn them. Sad news and very sad days for the innocents in these nations. Copts are already being murdered, have their daughters kidnapped, raped, then forced into marriage and conversion of their religion by their new rapist-husband. It’s hell on earth.

  2. re: “And the West looked on.” . . .not quite accurate. “And the West instigates, encourages, aids and abets the Muslim Brotherhood” . . .is more like it.

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