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It’s highly likely that the very same skulduggery at work in the removal of foster children from the care of a couple with UKIP political affiliations, was at work in the firing of Chris Knowles by the Leeds city council.

Did Common Purpose Have A Role In The Sacking Of Chris Knowles Of The International Civil Liberties Alliance (ICLA)?

By ICLA Admin • on November 29, 2012
ICLA’s Chris Knowles in the European Parliament

The following article was originally published on Aeneas Lavinium, the personal website of ICLA’s Chris Knowles.  Is there a shadowy ‘old boy’ network violating human rights in the public sector in the United Kingdom?  Should the British Government or even international agencies be investigating Common Purpose?  Does Common Purpose support or oppose increased sharia compliance in the public sector in the United Kingdom? Perhaps identifying the downside of sharia should be part of the curriculum in Common Purpose’s famous ‘training courses’?

In the aftermath of the politically motivated discrimination by Rotherham Council of UKIP supporting foster parents there has been much speculation about a shadowy organisation called Common Purpose.  Richard Pendlebury asked some important questions about that organisation in a recent article in the Daily Mail.  If what has been said about Common Purpose on a great many websites is true then it would certainly explain some of the things that happened to me.

Back in December 2011 Leeds City Council stated that the reason for my suspension from my job was as follows:

“…the council has received allegations that you may have engaged in political activities, which could be viewed as improper activities for an employee of the council to be engaging in, and contrary to the councils values and equal opportunities policies.”

Read it all here.

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