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I wish we had more statesmen like current caliber in Canada, Finland’s ruling establishment of faux conservatives are pathetic.

‘Canada will not let the Jews or Israel stand alone’

11/30/2012 15:30

Canadian foreign minister says Abbas should have used the support he received to reach out to Israel for peace talks.

Canada’s Foreign Affairs Minister John BairdPHOTO: COURTESY OF HERZLIYA CONFERENCE

Canadian Foreign Minister John Baird, who delivered a supportive speech of Israel at the UN before its vote Thursday on the Palestinian statehood, said Friday “the bottom line is we will not let the Jewish people and the State of Israel stand alone when the going gets tough.”

Baird, in a phone interview from New York, said he had “absolutely no hesitation” about taking the podium and opposing the Palestinian bid, something he knew was not a popular position in the hall.

The Canadian foreign minister criticized Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas for the hostile tenor of his speech.

“Knowing that he had such overwhelming support, this would have been an occasion for him to reach out to the government and people of Israel, to embrace the Jewish people, to talk about his hopes for peace and be magnanimous,” he said. “Unfortunately it was a rather aggressive speech that will really do nothing to advance the cause of peace or the peace process.”

Baird said he was “disappointed with some countries in Europe for failing to stand up. I thought the Czech Republic was courageous to take the position it did and stand alone in the European Union. I certainly admire their leadership.”

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  1. Canada has recalled all its diplomats from Ramallah AND Israel.

    Now that the $300M Canadian which was allotted to aid the corrupt PA regime would obviously be a complete waste of money, these diplomats will return to Canada to decide on the consequence of this reckless theater at the UN.

    Harper is the only world leader who is actually showing LEADERSHIP. I’m so damned proud to be Canadian, and I am hoping that the rest of the world knows that refusing to take the dark path is the only decent and rational action to take. Seems lost on all the other countries, save 9 in the whole world which voted against this PA farce.

    I would like to see some details of past disbursements to the PA. Everyone knows that this ongoing windfall is going down a black hole in Ramallah, and no one is allowed to blow the whistle or otherwise mention it. It is now time for an audit please, and other countries who have been chronically duped into contributing should follow suit.

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