Palestinian Child Abuse Palestinian terrorism



I call it, offering their children to Molech.

The use of Arab children in fighting Israel has a dual purpose. It’s a generational bridge of hatred for Jews and the state of Israel. There are plenty of adult jihadis in their ranks, but the need to pass down the hatred from one generation to the next is crucial for their movement’s survival.

The other aspect to their use of children in the fighting, is the propaganda angle, pictures of dead children for the Western media is crucial in developing a deep seated meme within the international community, that Israel intentionally targets children. No one ever bothers to ask why children are mixed up within the fighting, that would spoil the narrative now wouldn’t it?

Special thanks to Vlad for uploading this material.

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  1. Very important to bring this to the widest audience as possible. Knowledge is power. Islamic terror propaganda is working only on ignorant and foolish people that choose to be such instead of using even only a small portion of their intellect.

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