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Leftists love to lie.

While it’s absolutely regrettable that so many people were killed and wounded in the dropping of two nuclear bombs on Imperial Japan, what would have been worse however, was an invasion by hundreds of thousands of US troops of the Japanese mainland. The carnage that would have ensued would have quadrupled the amount of those who died at Hiroshima and Nagasaki

In the event that the US would have opted instead for the continued carpet bombing of Japanese cities involved with its military industrial complex, the result would have been the same. There would have been far more numbers of civilian dead than what took place in those two ill-fated cities. So the next time you see footage of memorials for Hiroshima and Nagasaki on TV, mull over what you read here, and thank the daring men who flew the Enola Gay and dropped its payload over Japan.

NOTE: Oliver Stone is flake with too much time and money on his hands..

The Atom Bomb and the Truth Bomb

November 29, 2012 By Daniel Greenfield

World War II is unique for many reasons. One of those reasons is that it revealed the duplicity of the left and its utter lack of consistency. Before John Kerry was for the Iraq War before he was against it, the left was for World War II before it was against it, before it was for it, until it was once again against it.

The left was for war before Stalin signed a pact with Hitler. It was vociferously against war once Hitler and Stalin were playing on the same team. When Hitler launched a surprise attack on the USSR, then they were even more loudly for war. And when the war drew to a close and Stalin stopped thinking of survival and began looking for ways to maximize territorial gains from the war, then the left, with the predictable rhythm of a weathervane blowing in the cold wind from Moscow, turned against the war.

Or rather against the occupation of Europe, the Marshall Plan and the atom bomb. That attitude of the old left, with its deep red veins of Communist sympathies, pulses through Oliver Stone’s propaganda series, “The Untold History of the United States.”

The third episode of the series, “The Bomb,” labors to make the case that using atomic weapons on Japan was unnecessary because a Soviet invasion would have forced Japan to surrender in any case leading to a lesser loss of life.

Supposing we take that assumption at face value, it is at best unclear whether Hiroshima and Nagasaki or a Soviet invasion would have led to a higher civilian death toll. Certainly an atomic bomb, unlike the Red Army, did not rape several million women. And looking at Communist Asian countries like China and North Korea, it is not difficult to imagine that a Soviet occupation of even part of Japan would have led to a far higher civilian casualty rate than dropping the bomb.

But Oliver Stone, like the rest of the left’s historical revisionists, doesn’t really care about Japanese civilians. Stalin had killed far more people, Russian and non-Russian, than every atom bomb combined. When it came to cynical power plays, the Soviet Union starved millions and would have starved millions more in the name of the same dominance that Stone and Kuznick accuse Truman of.

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  1. We see the same thing in Britain. The left love to complain about the bombing of Dresden, as if the Nazis hadn’t bombed London, Coventry, Rotterdam.

    The like always like to act like their hands are clean. They spent the last 70 years pretending that National Socialism was right wing rather than left wing.

    The left will put t-shirts of the mass murderer Che Guevara on their kids. But their hypocritical howling would echo around the world if anyone was to praise Breivik. It is incredible the way they can escape with their double standards. They are, as Thomas Sowell, says “the anointed”.

  2. Absolutely none of it was new or relevatory in the slightest. One could have recut all the History Channel shows about WWII and gotten the exact same thing.

    I saw the first episode of that series and it was awful. I’m not speaking politically but about the way the information was presented.

    Stone shot thru all of WWII in one hour delivering a college style lecture in 60 minutes. But with a lecture you are supposed to take notes and re read those notes over and over again. Just sitting thru a tv show isn’t the same thing.

    It all goes in one ear and out the other, turning your head to mush in the process. Now I can’t be sure what facts were in the piece and what is from other educational pieces on the same material.

    I’ve heard that using a neutral droning voice and causing confusion is a leftist method for softening people up to absorb propoganda – make of that what you will.

    And Stone does end the whole droning hour with orgasmic praise of Stalin and the Soviet Union. Ya it’s over an acomplishment but propoganda always has such excuses. We are meant to be left with an emotional impact that is positive about Russia.

    But it is packaged and presented in similar ways to old soviet propoganda that was disseminated in the US during the cold war.

    If this was released before the end of the cold war it would most certainly have been Soviet propoganda directed from KGB offices. It’s “flavor” is exactly the same. The facts that are presented are all true but there is subtle emphasis on some elements and some things are conveniently left out.

    The neutral, slightly rightious slightly authoritative voice and attitude of the commentator (with some slight subtle emphasese here and there) is an important part of it.

    It was like wathcing an extended RT clip. heh.

  3. I’m far from certain that a post WW2 communist Japan would be quite so prosperous or civilised as democratic Japan today.
    just thinking of the Koreas and china.
    personally, I’m glad they used the bomb.
    my father survived north Africa, Sicily and the landing art Salerno in Italy.
    it is far from certain he would have survived Japan.

    1. I fully agree Bilbo. The Japanese were brainwashed early on with the strictest form of shintoism, fanatics is putting it lightly, and would have defended the the emperor to the death, every man, woman and child. I’m glad that they used the bomb on Japan, in fact, I honor these brave men and the one who decided to use it, every anneversary of the bombing. I love to debate the clueless on the issue, extreme pacifists, anti-nuke enthusiasts and your average run-of-the-mill anti-American types. Oliver stone is a joke, with a lot of influence unfortunately.

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