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Abbas’ stunt is to get access to the international courts and seats on UN panels and in its organizations, in order to further delegitimze the Jewish state of Israel. Nothing more. The PA/Hamas have the same main goal, destroying Israel, how to get there is where they have a nuance of disagreement. The Arabs do not want a state at this juncture in time, they need the West’s continual flow of funding to keep their enterprise afloat, while the try to whittle away at Israeli resolve and their legitimacy abroad.

UN Ambassador to Abbas: Forego UN ‘march of folly’

11/29/2012 10:16

Ron Prosor says Palestinians not ready for statehood, calls on international community to consider consequences of “destructive” UN bid and for Abbas to return to negotiations to build foundations for peace.

PA President Mahmoud Abbas addresses UNGAPHOTO: al-REUTERS

Ambassador to the United Nations Ron Prosor made a last-ditch appeal to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas to forego his “destructive march of folly at the UN” and instead “forge constructive solutions at the negotiating table” with Israel, in an oped published Thursday in the Wall Street Journal.

Prosor urged the international community to consider the consequences before rubber-stamping Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ bid to upgrade the PA’s status to non-member state, arguing the initiative was premature for four reasons:

First, the territories over which the Palestinians seek to declare sovereignty are divided between warring factions in the Gaza Strip and West Bank, Prosor noted, evidenced by the fact that Abbas has not stepped foot in the coastal enclave since his party was ousted by Hamas in a civil war in 2007;

Second, states recognized by the UN must pledge to be “peace-loving;” however, Prosor pointed out that Gaza is ruled by the Hamas terrorist organization, which earlier this month fired more than 1,200 rockets into Israeli civilian centers.

In Prosor’s words, “The family of nations does not need another member whose primary import is deadly weapons and whose chief exports are extremism, hatred and terror.”

Third, neither Gaza nor the West Bank are democratic in nature, Prosor contended. Hamas, he highlighted, “has imposed brutal tyranny in Gaza,” whereas “President Abbas’s mandate to rule expired three years ago.”

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