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Pro-Israel rally held in center of Helsinki

I was there along with the 300 people gathered at the rally to publicly display support for the Jewish state of Israel. The rally got off without any disturbance from non-participants walking past to the shopping mall close by. Israeli ambassador, Dan Ashbel (pictured below. Picture by Carmen Kekola) spoke to the crowd in a sea of blue and white flags (Finnish and Israeli), talking about the recent troubles facing Israel from terrorists in Gaza during operation Pillar of Defense.

 A total of three speakers gave words of encouragement for Israel and its supporters, with supporters intermittently singing Israeli songs in Hebrew and the last being sung in Finnish, HaTikvah, Israel’s national anthem, The Hope.

After just about everyone had left, as well as myself, someone still at the rally site called to tell me that a group of Muslims had gathered at the Christian chapel seen in the above picture, the round wooded structure, and with a megaphone, led prayers as a provocation.

I haven’t been able to obtain any video or audio of the event, and if any of the Finnish readers of this blog has material of it, please notify me in the comments. There were still a handful of supporters hanging around who testify that that is what happened. I was told:

”All of a sudden we heard a loud voice coming from a megaphone that was leading some kind of a chant, we then figured out it was a Muslim call to prayer, coming from the direction of the chapel located just above the rallying site. Obviously they were praying next to it, there’s a wide flat empty area next to it. It was clearly a provocation, there were still a few of us around, rolling up flags and putting things away.”

More than 300 people showed their support for Israel in Helsinki’s Narinkkatori

HS: An Israel support demonstration attracted more than 300 people on Monday at Narinkkatori in Helsinki. Blue and white Finnish and Israeli flags were a common sight among them.

Police said the early evening event proceeded calmly. Demonstrators were left alone, and there was no counter-demonstration.

Narinkkatori in the Kamppi district, got its memorable name, where the Jews at the time were selling second-hand clothes.

Sign reads:

Israel –civilized outpost of the free world

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  1. I got the photos from another poster because I haven’t been able to get my pictures online but it was a wonderful evening! So many kind faces and good hearts in the crowd! Israeli and Finnish flags flying and joyful singing.
    One man was trying to engage a lady in debate but she wasn’t having it. I loved what she said about us not being there to debate the other side but to show our love and support for Israel. Israel has the right to defend it’s people from attack.
    A very happy evening with lovely people full of warm wishes. 🙂 🙂 🙂

  2. Patriots. Very brave of them to come out in the face of condemnation from the left wing Finnish media. This is some feel-good news, Tundra. Thanks 😉

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