Qatar Wahabbism



And the West’s rich and famous plow billions into this Wahhabist nest, Potemkin village of modernity and moderation.

Qatar Casts a Giant Shadow

By Ted Belman

“Qatar’s octopus is working on three fronts: overthrowing despotic Arab regimes and replace these with sharia-based countries; destroying Israel by financing the terror groups (the emir just visited Gaza) — and Islamizing the European continent through mosques and investments.”

In addition to itemizing the enormous investments in Europe made by Qatar which affords her considerable leverage and influence, he highlights her agenda:

“Qatar is a bastion of anti-Semitism, which goes around the world along with the investments. A Qatari television show, based on a book by late Palestinian author Ghassan Kanafani, shows a Holocaust survivor who resorts to prostitution and claims the Nazis did no wrong. “I didn’t see any gas chambers”, she is seen saying. An actor depicting former Israeli Prime Minister Menachem Begin calls on Jews to murder Arab civilians.

‘Qatar is also hosting many conferences which demonize the Jews. [..]

“In Doha’s Friday sermons, Jews are called “parasites”. [Back to the Nazis.]

‘With an imperial flux of money and ideology, the former British protectorate of Qatar is discouraging Muslim integration in Europe in order to better dominate it, fomenting anti-Semitism and cultural separation, actively encouraging jihad against the State of Israel.

“Qatar’s course of action is very practical: convincing Europe that the real name of Jerusalem is Al Quds, that the Koran replaced the Bible and that the Jewish Temple Mount is just a conspiracy.”
It is bad enough that a small country like Israel has to contend with the likes of Qatar and their fellow travelers in the Arab world, but to have them embraced by the ruling elites in the US and Europe increases the danger to Israel exponentially. It used to be that anti-Semites were shunned by western societies. But now, they are embraced and sought after with nary a word said. Furthermore these societies and countries assist the Arabs to realize their agendas by participating in the delegitimization and defamation of Israel and Jews.

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