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Using a toy catalogue to convey political ideology is as serious as it gets. The Left and its ”societal transformation” (read = cultural marxism) policies have so seeped into the fabric of society, that even the toys a child chooses to play with are subject to their monitoring.

NOTE: Oh, and not even the media practitioners of PC multi-culturalism can get it right, at least the first time around. Notice that it’s a woman’s hand holding the toy catalogue, as well as the kiddies being lily white. Racists!

Swedish toy firm drops gender roles for Xmas

Swedish toy firm drops gender roles for Xmas

Published: 24 Nov 12 08:30 CET |

Sweden’s largest toy chain said Friday that its toys are “gender neutral” after picturing boys holding baby dolls and banishing girls from the dolls pages of its Christmas catalogue.

“We have produced the catalogues for both BR and Toys R Us in a completely different way this year,” Jan Nyberg, director of sales at Top Toy, franchise-holder for US toy chain Toys R Us, told the TT news agency Friday.

“With the new gender thinking, there is nothing that is right or wrong. It’s not a boy or a girl thing, it’s a toy for children.”

The country’s advertising watchdog (Reklamombudsmannen – RO) reprimanded the company for gender discrimination three years ago following complaints over outdated gender roles in the 2008 Christmas catalogue, which featured boys dressed as superheroes and girls playing princess.

“For several years, we have found that the gender debate has grown so strong in the Swedish market that we … have had to adjust,” Nyberg said.

A comparison between this year’s Toys R Us catalogues in Sweden and Denmark, where Top Toy is also the franchisee, showed that a boy wielding a toy machine gun in the Danish edition had been replaced by a girl in Sweden.

Elsewhere, a girl was Photoshopped out of the “Hello Kitty” page, a girl holding a baby doll was replaced by a boy, and, in sister chain BR’s catalogue, a young girl’s pink T-shirt was turned light blue.

More here.

NOTE: Here is (ironically) a documentary from Norway that debunks gender studies that try to prove no difference between the sexes. the whole series at YT is worth following.

Brainwash (1/7) – The Gender Equality Paradox

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  1. That’s what happen when women get power. They invent problems!

    1. No Santor, this is what happens when radical Leftists get power.

  2. Such a sad ending for the descendants of the vikings and of king Gustavus Adolphus…
    One hundred years of social welfare turned a nation of man into a giant frozen vagina!

  3. Please help put pressure on the finnish company Talentum, to stop their swedish newspaper Dagens Media in harrassing and intimidating 2 young Swedish girl bloggers, for being positive about Sverigedemokraterne.
    Read more here:

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