Yeah, you read that right….a Palestinian ”friendship society”.

Mr.Bolotowsky was the cat, and Aranki the ball of yarn.

The Finnish tabloid paper, Ilta Sanomat is trying to be impartial with its description of the exchange between the two men in the headline, but in reality it’s a tad disingenuous. What really happened is that Gideon Bolotowsky, former president of the Jewish Community of Helsinki, spoke with calm, clarity and common sense in comparison to the buffoonish rants coming from the chairman of the Arab ”Friendship Society” in Finland.

When one simply hasn’t a leg to stand on, you have to resort to outright lies and obfuscations. I’m sure that Gideon was pleased that the bullets Kamal Aranki was sweating wasn’t be shot at him, as well as the public getting to hear the what kind of extremist YLE had invited to its morning show. In his parting shot, Aranki stated that the Palestinians would one day take over the entire area of ”Palestine”.

In short, he was calling for the destruction of Israel on Finnish TV.

”The two state solution is temporary, because Palestine is a contiguous area, and will be united in the future.”

[A TT translation ]

Emotions began to heat up on morning TV: “You should look in the mirror!”

IS: YLE’s breakfast television viewers were given today an unusually emotional debate to follow on the Middle East.

The guests in the discussion, was former President of the Jewish Community of Helsinki, Gideon Bolotowsky, and the Arab Friendship Society Chairman, Kamal Aranki, who had views so far apart that the viewer already started to feel uncomfortable.

As you might have guessed, the vexed issue did not lead to a constructive discussion. Viewers were instead afraid because the parties began to really heat up to each other’s arguments.

Both considered the Finnish media’s monitoring of the Gaza crisis to be biased.

Bolotowsky, among other things, asked how long would the Finns stand on the sidelines, if people begin to shoot rockets from Karelia into Finland In his opinion, it should be emphasized that Egypt is also blockading of Gaza,  Israel is not alone.

While in Aranki’s view Israel’s use of force is totally unreasonable and was directed against civilians. According to him, Israel is a cold-blooded murderer of civilians. Aranki wondered how a 8-year-old girl’s killing may be justified.

“You have a conspiracy theory”

– Hamas is the one who has always held to agreements, Aranki claimed.

Who shoots rockets from there, if Hamas has kept its agreement, the reporter asked.

– Since the child was playing in the area, they (Israel) killed a child. – revenge ahs brought revenge, Aranki said.

Bolotvsky wondered whether the spiral of revenge is not a consequence and not the cause.

Bolotovsky’s and Aranki’s passionate speech overlapped many times.

Arankin believes that Israel provoked Hamas with its missile defense system in order to fire rockets.

– You will always have these conspiracy theories. You should look in the mirror every once in awhile, Bolotovsky said emphatically.

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  1. This evening Dennis Mitzner and Simon Elo were at A-Talk discussing with Bruno Jäntti from ICAHD and a Palestinian guy.

    The problem was that the moderator was fairly ignorant about the issues and failed to control the discussion. Yle also presented a hugely distorted narrative of the history of Israel missing some of the key facts. I could not bare to watch the whole show.

    1. My friend did well enough in spite of the obvious hindrances, one point I would have used towards the end of the exchanges, when the tard said he/ they loved death more than life…would be to follow through with the obvious: why do you then complain about fatalities?

  2. ”The two state solution is temporary, because Palestine is a contiguous area, and will be united in the future.”

    I agree Jordan and the West Bank/Gaza should be united.

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