I republish this already well known video due to the fact that YouTube is removing videos mirrored on other channels. It violates their policies so this is not a pot shot at them, I’m just raising awareness that the vid is available for further use against the Islamonazis. People need to be reminded what kind of bottom sucking 7th century throwbacks are in question here.

NOTE: If you’re queasy over such footage,  simply refrain from clicking.

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  1. No muslims are not savages are they, well according to cair their not. How about showing cair these videos and then let them tell us their so called religion is not based on savagery. There should be a dedicated tv channel just bringing the truth about islam to the world. How about a ship transmitting in international waters , sounds a bit familiar.

    1. I like the idea. It would have to be armed though…terrorists would most certainly try to take it out.

  2. There is no proof those men tortured and killed were spies. They were only suspected spies. Hamas and Muslims don’t do trials….they only know savagery.

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