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Islamonazis crestfallen that they won’t be passing out the sweets for the near murder of Jewish school kids.

Rocket hits near Ashkelon school; Iron Dome intercepts 4

LAST UPDATED: 11/19/2012 12:02

Four rockets intercepted by Iron Dome, another hits a school parking lot in Ashkelon, none are injured; terrorists resume fire after a relative quiet night; IAF strikes in Gaza kill at least 10 civilians overnight.

IAF strikes in Gaza


A rocket fired by Palestinians in the Gaza Strip hit a school parking lot in Ashkelon on Monday morning, in a renewed barrage of rockets and mortars that followed a relatively quiet night on the Israeli front. No injuries were reported in the attacks.

The Iron Dome rocket-defense system intercepted three other rockets fired at Ashkelon and one launched toward Beersheba. Another rocket exploded in an open field outside of Beersheba.

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  1. I must object, on the most strongest grounds, the use of U.S. made aircraft in bombing Gaza. There is no excuse for this. Israel’s aircraft are for defending the skies over Israel; not bombing defenseless, innocent civilians in Gaza.

    HAMAS has defined the rules of war: firing ground-based artillery indiscriminately at Israel’s civilians. With the rules of war defined, I believe it best that Israel respond-in-kind using ground-based artillery. Aircraft can be used as forward observers thus reducing the exposure of being shot down. Upon finding a “bad guy” targeted for assassination, a rocket site, a munitions dump etc., Israel should used ground based artillery to eliminate it. If necessary, fire 4 salvos to insure a hit on a “bad-guy”.

    If there’s collateral damage the rules of war were defined by HAMAS. They are not discriminating between civilian and military targets. Unlike warplanes, artillery pieces in the IDF can be purchased from anywhere; even home-made.

    I believe the use of Israel’s artillery will provide an inexpensive solution to deter HAMAS artillery attacks. Using the air force as forward observers keeps Israel’s most expensive assets (U.S. made warplanes) in low risk combat roles. Few could complain that “U.S. made weapons are being used to bomb innocent civilians in Gaza”. Using IDF artillery to deliver munitions is consistent with HAMAS rules of war and offers more ordinance for the dollar without utilizing U.S. made warplanes.

    Using IDF artillery causes more collateral damage. This might be a drawback for some but I believe that is debatable. Causing more collateral damage might give Gaza civilians reason to restrain their leaders in pursuing a war that brings more devastation on them than they can possibly inflict on their enemy.

    But hey! Nobody listens to little old me.


    TINSC (aka There is NO Santa Claus)

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