Not saying all who receive benefits abuse the system, but far too many do.

When you ask a Leftist about entitlement programs, you’ll never get them to admit straight away that any such abuses exist, what you’ll  get instead are cases of where some help are actually warranted. Being against abuse and waste of taxpayer money will earn you the title of uncaring and heartless.

Question: What happens to US society when the ranks of the subsidized swell to a number where they outnumber those doing the subsidizing, and vote in ever increasing numbers to keep the floodgates of government (taxpayer funded) spending without any true oversight and cutting back on the fraudulent waste?

In other words, what happens when more people like the guy in the video have the balls of the state firmly in their hands, due to pandering politicians whose main purpose of elected office is getting reelected?

NOTEThe video is from a television program with real cases selected to be heard by this third party arbitration, instead of in the regular court system.

H/T: Conservative

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  1. A beautiful example of the entitlement mentality. It’s all about me, myself, and I.

    Judge Judy was in a fairly benign mood in this instance. But sometimes she can be really ascerbic and withering in her comments about this kind of moocher.

    A good example nevertheless about where Uncle Sam is heading.

    So true, KGS, civilisations collapse from within and this is a slow ongoing process – a bit like the proverbial frog in the pot with the hot plate slowly but surely getting warmer and warmer until it reaches boiling point.

    The frogs in Hamburg (Olaf the mayor and his socialist mates) have just hopped into the pot.

  2. Having watched this episode of Judge Judy several times, having seen it linked frequently to discussions about ‘entitlement mentality’, I often wonder if “the him”
    that “Duane Brooks, Jr.” has any idea what a fool he made of himself in front of the entire world . . .’ya know wha I’m sayin, eh’?

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