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The pictures taken, were at a legal boarding school madrassa in Rotterdam. Given the accounts of what goes on at other madrassas, code violations are the least of problems facing these children.

NOTE: I don’t view madrassas as having anything to do with ‘child care’.

Via: BadNewsFromThe Netherlands blog.

Living in a mosque in Rotterdam North 12 photos

In the Netherlands there are hundreds of children in mosques. Only on weekends they get to go home. Some of these are Islamic boarding schools, as according to research by NRC today, are poorly maintained, unsafe fire hazards and one is illegal. The government maintains, unlike in other forms of childcare, can in no way monitor how children are being treated in these boarding schools.

In Rotterdam alone, where three boarding school mosques and a fourth under construction are known. One of them, in the south of the city, is an illegal girl boarding school. The mosque let fifty girls live in the attic, illegally, without a sleeping license. In the summer of last year, the situation there was “absolutely unsafe fire hazards” and, given the sleeping children, “even dangerous,” according to a confidential note of the municipality.

In the Iskender Pasa mosque in Rotterdam Noord there is legal boarding. The blue carpeted floor of the dormitory of Iskender Pasa is clean. There are no bags on the floor, not even clothes. Also the walls are empty. In the hall of the stairwell hangs a sign, “Purity is half of faith”, it says. In this room were 28 Turkish adolescent boys aged 12 to 18 years old. During the day they go to a high school, the rest of their time they spend here.

More pics here.

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