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Neo-Ottoman empire dreams…

Syria: Erdogan thinks he’s Ottoman sultan, says Assad

Syrian president sees no war with Turkey on the horizon

(ANSAmed) – BEIRUT – Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan thinks he is a ”caliph”, Syrian President Bashar al Assad said in an interview with Russian television broadcast Friday.

”In his heart, Erdogan thinks he is a caliph, the new sultan of the Ottoman (empire) and that he can control the region like it was during the Ottoman empire”, Assad told state-run Russia Today television. However, Assad also said that he does not see ”a war between Syria and Turkey on the horizon” and gave assurances that no artillery fire was shot intentionally by the Syrian forces towards Turkish territory. Furthermore, he stressed that the majority of Turkish population does not want a war. Assad would not rule out the hypothesis that the bombs landed in Turkey ”by mistake” or ”because terrorists launched them”. He again proposed Ankara to form a joint commission with Syria to inquire on the matter.

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  1. I saw the interview. Compared to other Islamic rulers, he seems to be quite decent and respectable, trying to do the best for his nation. Heck, he seems to be a nice guy compared to Obama, and some of the shyster politicians we have in th West.

    We must never forget, that in a nation full of the Muslim brotherhood, he has maintained a reasonably decent government, where Christians and other minorities can openly practice their faith.

  2. Assad’s view harks back to the days when the Ottoman Sunnis held all the power and the religious minorities of the region (both Muslim, like Twelver Shi’ites and Alawite Shi’ites, and non-Muslim, like Christians, Druze or Yazidi) were reduced to abject poverty and exclusion on many levels.

    Serious non-PC observers of ME politics would agree that the resurgence of a neo-Ottoman Turkey is turning into a reality as we speak. It has nothing to do with farfetched conspiracy theories, like some PC commentators try to maintain.

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