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Now that Obama believes that he has a mandate, you ain’t seen nothing yet. Great going America (I mean the other half, the one filled with the lunatics and morons who voted for this marxist radical), you’ve just consigned yourself to the ash heap of history.

NOTE: If I were an enemy of the U.S., I would be popping corks and slapping backs right now.

Obama: Thanks for 4 more

Pray for America Then Fasten Your Seat Belts The Next Four Years Are Going to Be a Bumpy Flight

YID WITH LID: Today America chose to reelect Barack Obama for another term as President and just as I said four years ago, I believe that America will now learn about the real Barack Obama, the one who never has to worry about getting voter approval, satisfying campaign donors.  This Obama will be more radical then he has ever been before.

Allow me to provide some insight into what happened, and take a look into the future:

Negative Advertising Works: Obama’s “machine” accused Romney of causing a steel worker’s wife to die from cancer, not paying taxes, hating poor people, wanting bad air, hating sick children, wanting to ban contraception and wanting to kill grandma.  Romney’s supporters were accused of being racist and in at least one case (me) of being anti-Semitic.  While the Republicans were still fighting it out in the primaries Obama was already bombarding the swing states with the negative ads.  In the end they were too hard to overcome.

Benedict Arnold: Also known as NJ Governor Chris Christie.  While many of us were trying to get power and looking for a way to stay warm, Christie was giving Obama a platform to look presidential at disaster for the first time (with BP for example it took months before Obama visited the Gulf).  Christie’s motivation was not to help his state (it didn’t– New Jersey is much worse off than Long Island) but to help his own reelection chances.  Thanks to the Governor’s efforts for five days the Romney campaign couldn’t “buy” coverage and all we saw was that same picture of the Republican Governor and the Progressive President walking arm in arm.  The exit polls mentioned the President’s handling of Hurricane Sandy as a big positive and influencer.

The Jewish Vote: Exit polls showed that Obama received 68% of the Jewish vote, the lowest percentage since Michael Dukakas received 64% in 1988.  Based on his track record on Israel and the First Amendment that number is way too high.  While the Orthodox voters tend to vote more conservatively, the Reform movement which doesn’t have the same theological connection to the Jewish State as the other branches, and the Conservative movement which claims a strong connection abandoned the future of Israel to continue worshipping the “golden calf” of big government.  Many Jewish organizations did the same, such as the ADL, the Jewish Federations and the AJC.

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    1. I was wrong. My original gut feeling was right all along, and I should have stuck to it, Romney is a milk toast republican and at great risk of repeating McCain’s failure. Are you celebrating or in mourning? 😉

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