Norway Obama's Socialist Pals



A voting percentage that rivals that of the Warsaw Pact.

The Norwegians readily identify with his socialist/statist politics and find his sick cult of personality ….’appealing’. Anyone who knows anything about Obama immediately recognizes that he’s a liar, a fraud, a trickster and a totalitarian, which is why America will reject him today, and why Norway still loves him.

NOTE: Leftists are lemmings easily flimflammed by anyone sporting a smile and a promise of utopia.

H/T: Fjordman

In a similar poll four years ago, said 83.2 percent of respondents who had an opinion that they would vote for Obama, while 8.2 percent said they would vote for the opposition candidate John McCain. 2.5 percent of voters said at the time that they would not vote for some of the most popular candidates in the presidential election.

Support for Mitt Romney is greatest among Norwegian voters who say they will vote for the Progress Party and the Christian Democratic Party. While 14.3 percent of the Progress Party voters say they would vote for Romney, answers 13.6 percent of KrF voters the same. Thus, the solid majority for Obama among voters of all Norwegian parties.

More here in Norwegian.

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  1. well, at least he has somewhere to go when America finally wakes up.

  2. That’s nothing. 105% of registered voters in Philadelphia will be voting for Obama (whether they are alive or dead).

  3. A quick look at Hanne Herland’s speech in Israel (previous post, below) explains it.

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