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Gee, I wonder what attracted him to the jihad?

German Neo-Nazi turned jihadist who went to fight in Afghanistan admits he made a ‘big mistake’ after wife misses supermarkets and her mobile phone

  • The man travelled to strife-hit region to fight but regretted his choice
  • His wife complained about the lack of shops and missed mobile phone
  • ‘I regret my decision’, repentant terrorist tells German court

A former neo-Nazi who joined the Taliban and attacked an American base near the Afghan-Pakistan border has told a German court that he made a ‘terrible mistake’.

The German man, who was only named as Thomas U, spoke of his regret over signing up for the German Taliban Mujahidin (DTM) and travelling with his wife to the war-torn Afgfhan-Pakistan border to become a terrorist, according to The Times.

His catalogue of complaints over his poorly thought-out decision included his fellow combatants’ drug habits, a lack of hygiene, contracting hepititis A and his friends being horribly killed by Pakistani forces helicopters.

His wife also missed creature comforts such as shopping at the supermarket and her mobile phone.

The couple escaped to Istanbul, Turkey, in 2010 after his wife became pregnant and were immediately arrested. She gave birth in a Turkish prison.

Thomas U, 27, is accused of being a member of the DTM from December 2009 until July 10 and taking part in an attack on an American base.

He paid 5000 euros to travel to the Afghan-Pakistan border in 2009 and was trained in the use of firearms and explosives.

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  1. Somebody could have told him there’s no fun in Islam, only misery. Should have thought about that way beforehand, but Nazis aren’t intellectuals, are they ? On the other hand, seeing as they are two of a kind, really, why bother protecting a knucklehead from yet another knuckleheaded doctrine ?

    He’s made his bed and now he can lie in it ! Good riddance to bad stinking rubbish !

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