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Minarets soon popping up like mushrooms.

Of course the issue of Islam being a theocracy is not addressed at all. The end game  is being a fully established recognized religion in Germany, in spite of the fact that Islam is a competing society, that will one day envelope the host culture.

The fact that they left out the issue of head scarves and separate swimming for girls, and a whole host of other Muslim demands for future talks, tells me that they’ve been hoodwinked, and badly. The ”ongoing dialogue” with the city will only be in one direction as Muslims make demands, then threaten violence if their demands are not met.

NOTEThe city of Hamburg and other copycat cities in Germany are going to curse themselves in the future over what they brought upon themselves. This is how civilizations collapse, and it’s always from within.

Hamburg seals the deal with resident Muslims

It’s an historic pact. After 5 years of negotiations, the city state of Hamburg will sign a contract with its Muslim citizens. It sets out in black and white the rights and duties of Muslims living in the city. It’s the first time that Muslim holy days will be recognised in Germany on equal terms with Christian ones which is a significant step in recognising Islam as a part of German society. Our correspondent went to Hamburg to see what the mood was like at this year’s Eid festival.

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  1. This is not so much about more mosques and minarets; its about putting Islam on an equal footing with Christianity and Judaism, which was the foundation of the society, the judiciary and the value system.

    Since Hamburg has a special status, dating from the Hanse, it involves special rights in relation to taxation; now Muslims can officially tax their members without having to rely on donations, and it also gives them the rights to their own holidays, so far three p.a.

    But it doesn’t end there, it never does. Rest assured that the Mustards will make sure that each i is dotted and each t is crossed, they will milk this agreement to the max, without ever adhering to their obligations, because treaties with infidels are invalid, worthless by the law of allah.

    Yes, this was a stupid move by the clueless bureaucrats of Hamburg, who are hoping against hope that this will buy them some kind of peace or coexistence with the soldiers of allah. It won’t.

    1. Oh man….into the spamlocker it went…i have a problem with that sheikh…nothing personal!

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