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A couple of days ago I published a piece on the Burmese problem with the Muslims Rohingyas, who are basically Bengali Muslims who have moved into traditional Burmese Buddhist areas. TT reader and commenter, Gerald, forwards the following information with links to the original for those who are interested. This clearly shows the hegemony of Muslim/Islamic societies, that has continued ever since Mohamed left Mecca to Yathrib, the former Jewish city now known as Medina.

Gerald: Hi, Recently you published some news on the so called “Rohingyas” who are basically Bengali Muslims of Bangladesh who have invaded Burma. I have included some background information on this dating to as far back as WWII. I hope this helps when you are writing about this problem.

Troubles in Arakan: 1949 British Perspective!

Peter Murray was a pre-war British administrator who spoke fluent Burmese. He was the British Ambassador to Cambodia during 1961-62.

Peter Murray was also a territorial CAO (Civil Affairs Officer) with the British Army in Northern Arakan during the Second World War.

He was the same Peter Murray mentioned by Robert Mole in his memoirs”The Temple Bells are Calling”about his time in the Arakan.

Following is his 1949 Foreign Office memo outlining the so-called racio-religious troubles in Arakan due to the Bengali Muslims’ relentless intrusion into Burma.

More here.

Gerald: The second blog link is an indication of what will happen to the Buddhist population of the border regions if the UN were to meddle in western Burma and succeed in establishing a Muslim majority area under the tender ministrations of the rapacious Bengali Muslims.


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  1. Many Rohingya missing as boat sinks off Bangladesh: BBC Oct 31, 2012
    You might expect that they were fleeing for succour back to Bangladesh.
    No, they were trying to transfer at sea to a ship that would take them to Malaysia but I’d guess they were on their way to Australia to claim asylum.
    How long before some third world country has a phoney civil war, the two sides taking it in turns to ‘lose’ so as to make credible claims for asylum. The western media would buy it. Or has it already happened?

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