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Such it is with Islam in general, and always has been. While there are indeed mild Muslims, there is no such thing as mild or moderate Islam. Though one may choose to ignore huge swaths of the Koran and hadiths, that doesn’t make the ideology moderate, but the practitioner him/herself who chooses to follow the less violent/tolerant verses.

NOTE: Doing so doesn’t make the more violent/intolerant verses less valid however, the Islamic law of abrogation has seen to that.

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Russia Caucasus: Imam shot dead in Derbent, Dagestan

BBC mapAttackers have shot dead an imam and two of his male relations, as they drove to a mosque in the Russian North Caucasus region of Dagestan.

They were shot on their way to morning prayers, close to the imam’s home in the Caspian Sea town of Derbent, law enforcement sources told reporters.

The cleric was named as Kalimulla Ibragimov, 49, who is said to have delivered sermons calling for peace.

Islamists have been blamed for attacks on moderate Muslims in the region.

Dagestan, a mainly Muslim region, has been gripped by an Islamist insurgency since 1999, when militants backed by fighters from neighbouring Chechnya launched an offensive against Russian control.

Three imams have been shot dead in the region since March, the Russian news website reports.

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  1. This is heartbreaking but not unexpected. Jihadists are infamous for killing, harrassing, and generally bullying muslims whose only desire is to live happy, peaceful lives. The jihadists will also come after then through their kids by trying to radicalize the sons. Muslims who wish for quiet lives have almost as much to fear from jihadists as the freedom loving Westerner.

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