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  1. People sometimes need to be forced to think, as long as it is done with patience and by presenting the right questions.
    What shocked me most about this was the early part of the video where a lot of young people did not even know who Adolf Hitler was. If I had to name the most famous (infamous) figure in the history of the World, I would be hard pressed not to place Hitler in number one spot. He would at least be in the top five.
    One of the tactics that tyrants use is to remove important landmarks from history education. If this is what is happening in Western schools then we are heading down the road to dictatorship. Thank God (as the video later revealed) that there were still plenty of young people around who had some knowledge of history.

  2. This is a pro-life set-up and not worthy of attention.

  3. The religious right and abortion is just as bad as the left and their ideological nonsense. To say a zygote is the same thing as a sentient, breathing baby you can hold in your arms is like saying a chunk of pig iron is a Ferarri. B0th have the potential to become something, but in their present forms they are NOT those things. Period. If they want to engage in a bunch of sentimental illogical mud wallowing thats their perogative, but why do they have to INSIST that we think the same way too?

    On top of that Ray Cumfart is a goddamn weasley asshole. Why is this movie even on this site? My respect for this blog just dropped a good couple of notches.

    1. Hi Adam, you’re free to disagree. The issue here is to get people to think. I actually believe that all life is precious, having a right to life regardless of what stage the baby is. Reducing that baby to clinical sounding terms only soothes the mind to the horror of what’s being done.

      1. KGS,
        I used to be an operating dept. practitoner, as part of my training I was forced to work a S.T.O.P. list (stop=sucktion termination of pregnancy). I will tell you this, the sound of the suction machine still haunts me to this day and most likely will my whole life, seeing the body parts mixed with blood as they are sucked down the clear tube is a sight I wish I never had to endure. Once I qualified I outright refused to work stop lists.
        The thing that sickens me to the core is one of the females on that list informed me that it was her 10th abortion, when will people realise that an abortion is not contraception? How hard is it to put a f*cking condom on ffs!

        1. I hear you EDL Buck. There are those that depict us a ”right-wing” religious zealots, yet all I’m saying is that human life needs protecting, nothing more nothing less. When you think of the monstrous methods employed in destroying that life, what’s actually done….who are the real whack-jobs here? It’s no wonder people who agree with abortion, refuse to contemplate the actual procedures and the moral dilemmas involved.

          1. Not to mention how the staff feel about doing these “procedures”, the NHS only does them to stop the back street abortionists who wreck the uteri of the femails invovled so one day they will be able to have children.

          2. And the things I can tell you about the SE asians who abort femail kids because once they have the 12 week scan and find out it’s a girl……….. makes me sick to my stomach.

  4. Maybe some men should try to have the ” life sucked out of them” by an unwanted pregnancy before they comment?

      1. As you are well aware, I didn’t refer to the unwanted pregnancy as “life”, I was referring to the living force of the pregnant woman.

        1. that’s not how I interpreted your statement, ”having the life sucked out of them”. Thanks for clearing it up though.

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