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Falk is a clown.

The settlements are entirely legal, regardless of what these UN morons insist. This is nothing more than hard left politics on the international stage within the freak show called the U.N., whose relevancy and existence is being called into question itself. I’m all for the removal of the UN to a distant shore and the U.S. to end its involvement with it, financially and membership as well.

More stupidity spotted:

Finland has called on Israel to lift the naval blockade on Gaza “without delay,” five days after Israeli Navy commandoes intercepted a Finnish ship chartered by pro-Palestinian activists trying to reach the Strip’s shores.

“The blockade has negative repercussions for the political situation in the Middle East and is causing unnecessary suffering to civilians in Gaza,” Finland’s foreign ministry added in a statement. (AFP)

The person responsible for this of course is Finland’s anti-Israel FM, Erkki Tuomioja, who has been seen on Finnish tv talking about the legality of the blockade, but dissing it nonetheless as immoral. He has never once stated his concern over the shipment of arms to the Hamas once the blockade was removed. In short, he doesn’t care.

Falk: Firms tied to settlements may face charges


10/25/2012 22:47

Caterpillar, Hewlett Packard among businesses that UN expert says should be boycotted because they profit from settlements.

Caterpillar among targets for divestmentPHOTO: REUTERS

UN special investigator Richard Falk has warned that international businesses operating in West Bank settlements may face criminal and civil liability under international law.

This also extends to employees of the businesses in question, he told the United Nations in New York on Thursday, when he spoke at the 24th meeting of a UN General Assembly human rights group – formally called the Social, Humanitarian and Cultural Committee.

Falk also submitted a report to that effect to the General Assembly.

He called on it to considering asking the International Court of Justice at the Hague, which has already advised that Israel is in occupation of the West Bank, to issue an opinion on the liability of businesses that benefit economically from settlements.

Falk further asked the international community to do more to stop West Bank settlements, including boycotting international businesses which operate there.

“My main recommendation is that the businesses highlighted in the report – as well as the many other businesses that are profiting from the Israeli settlement enterprise – should be boycotted, until they bring their operations into line with international human rights and humanitarian law and standards,” Falk said.

“In short, businesses should not breach international humanitarian law provisions.

More here.

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