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To be expected, especially when their initial hype of the boarding of Estelle dead panned.

Like I said earlier, once they get back to Finland, and other various countries of departure, the lies and spin will be in full force in order to paint as bad of a picture of Israel as possible. The ‘boatswain’ insists that the Israeli’s used ”force” in commandeering their vessel last Sunday, by breaking into the bridge and using tasers on the crew. All of this is unsubstantiated of course, and even if true,…. so what?

I hope in fact that the IDF did use tasers, better that, than actually seriously hurting anyone, which more than likely is what they were hoping for. Tasering perps is what U.S. law enforcement does regularly, to limit use of physical brute force, and with good results.

Here’s a video of a young woman getting tasered in a controlled environment, if she can handle it, so can anyone else:

NOTE: By the looks of it, most of Veli-Matti Koivisto dates end in the same way, being tasered, so he should be used to it by now.

H/T: Vasarahammer

Late last night back in Finland, aid ship Estelle boatswain, Veli-Matti Koivisto, told about the Israeli forces boarding the ship in international waters. According to Koivisto, the ship’s crew did non-violent resistance until the Israeli forces broke the door to the bridge.

According to Koivisto, Israeli forces used tasers. Israeli officials have previously told of the Estelle’s boarding as peaceful.

Koivisto criticized Israel’s actions towards the Estelle’s passengers. Estelle boatswain describes the treatment as aggravated and even brutal. Koivisto questions why passengers were detained without contact to their countries’ embassies for more than a day after the arrest.

Captain Mika Jämiä is currently awaiting departure from Israel. Jämiä will arrive in Finland today.

Source: YLE

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  1. Why weren’t they arrested for breaking international law? Ship them to The Hague. The two Finns should also be prosecuted by Finnish authorities.

  2. These people want my country (which would include me) wiped off the face of the earth~and they expect to be greeted with wine and roses? Do they have any idea of the reality in this part of the world? Every day the arab countries around us call for our slaughter (it’s in their charter). Today, four more people were injured by rockets from Gaza–This is why we monitor everything going into the strip. Food, and supplies for daily living (including the new iphone 5) are readily available. Sadly, these people are so full of hate, that they refuse to see truth. It is much easier to be paid to lie and incite. The countries who bail out and pay for this type of evil need to re-adjust their moral compass.

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