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“Just pack up your troubles in your old kit bag and smile, smile, smile”, then head on over to Sweden who’ll accept anyone showing up at their borders until they are reduced into being minorities within their own country. Only then will the open borders radicals say ”sins forgiven, mission complete”

NOTE: Managed immigration based upon the quota system is good for the potential immigrant, and the society, it allows for the immigrant to adapt to the new homeland, as well as for the society to absorb them.

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The global city

Free migration in the world should be as obvious as free migration within Sweden.

Two weeks ago was the SVT party’s leader debating the question: How much immigration  should Sweden tolerate? It has been seen as an escalation of unpleasant moods and a sign of the Sweden Democrats having moved forward their positions. Supporters argue rather that it is the reality that speaks through the issue, not the party’s voice of reality.


The term “generous immigration policy “rests on the notion that a country is a home. A home that residents jointly own and therefore controls in the same way that an individual decides who can and can not get into their own homes. Looking at Sweden as a home and Swedes like a big family, it is logical that we vote on, and discuss on TV, how many and what kind we take into our room.

When families after deliberations let in strangers in their home, they at the same time  need to take care of the people. In a good home taking care of their guests, mean making breakfast and dinner in spite of the irritations. It is conceivable that in this setting, inevitably, inequality decreases if we stop seeing the country as personal property where you let people in after holding family councils…….


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    1. Exactly Sheik (pbuy), and she’ll dig in her heels on that stoopidity until the last Swede is gone from Sweden. Remember how much we saw of it together when we walked around Stockholm. Stoopid was all around us.

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