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 It appears that the supermarket chain is also a repeat offender.

According to the Finnish Swedish language blog, Israelnyheter, a local supermarket chain has been running a number of antisemitic articles in its advertising magazine that contain antisemitic op-eds, by crackpot antisemitic conspiracy theorists from around the globe. The latest one is taken from the pages of Press TV, the Iranian state news outlet.

Please spread this far and wide, this is serious business, a high profile supermarket chain is breathing life into antisemitic tropes on a regular basis it seems, and apparently hasn’t a problem with it.

NOTE: Just this past September I reported on the Finnish supermarket chain Prisma selling David Duke’s Jewish Domination book on its website, giving it rave reviews.

The supermarket chain Kärkkäinen spreads anti-Semitic messages

Kärkkäinen supermarket chain has its own advertising magazine that is printed in about 300,000 copies and distributed in the areas around Oulu, Ylivieska – Kokkola and Lahti.
The magazine has at least a couple of occasions in addition to advertising contained material that is directly anti-Semitic.

In August, the newspaper published an article by Argentine Adrian Salbuchi entitled: Maailmanmahti U.S. on sionistien sätkynukke (“World Power USA is the Zionist puppet“)

The article has been reported to the police by at least one private person and the Jewish congregation’s Central Council.

The article comes with similar claims such as “the Elders of Zion Protocols” namely, that the Jews (Zionists) are behind a conspiracy with the goal to take power over the world.

Last week the advertising Journal Magneettimedia for the Kärkkäinen  supermarket chain published yet another article in the same spirit.

The title was: “Israel haluaa sotaa Irania vastaan peitelläkseen 9/11 tapahtumia” (Israel wants war with Iran to conceal the events of 9/11)

The article is written by Kevin Barrett from the United States, a relatively well-known supporter of various conspiracy theories.

The article is nonsense, there is nothing of value and the final words describe what it is about: “American traitors, including Dick Cheney, Donald Rumsfeld, George W. Bush, Richard Myers, and others, helped Israel blow up the World Trade Center, bomb the Pentagon, and kill 3000 Americans on 9/11. “

In the article, we read that the terrorist attack on the WTC with 100% certainty was a Mossad operation (= Mossad Israeli secret service)

The article itself is not worth any further comments but what is serious is that the supermarket chain Kärkkäinen by Magneettimedia is spreading a message that is no different from Nazi Germany’s propaganda.

The message is that the Jews (rewritten to Zionists or Israel) are inhuman, evil and prepared to whatever atrocities to gain more power.

The Holocaust was Nazi goals and demonization of Jews prepared the soil.

Where Kärkkäinen and Magneettimedia want to I do not know but the articles are so distasteful that I will not set foot in any of their stores.

I do not think one needs to be especially large friend of Israel to take such a decision, it should suffice that the moral compass is reasonably fit.

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  1. See here is what I don’t get. How is it relevant for a supermarket to even have such articles in their magazine? We also have supermarkets that have their magazines, but all of it is not related to politics.

    Westerners who work for this garbage state sponsored outlet, should be thrown out of their countries as far as I am concerned. Let them go to Iran. They are traitors, pure and simple.

  2. The owners of Kärkkäinen belong to a Laestadian sect that operates in the boundaries of the Lutheran Church in Finland. I’m a bit surprised that they peddle with trashy Iranian government propaganda.

    David Duke’s book, by the way, is also sold in other major web bookstores selling books in Finnish language.



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