But they keep plowing ahead with demands for the very same socialist policies that got them into the financial mess in the first place.

 They will refuse to reject the golden teat of government wealth distribution, regardless of the fact that the vaults that once contained the borrowed wealth from other European states, is no longer there to subsidize their accustomed lifestyle. They have to learn to live within their means, and if a bone of common sense still remains within the Greek body politic, it will reject socialism in its entirety. But I seriously doubt that it/they (the Greek public) will.

In short, stupid is as stupid does.

Greek poverty so bad families ‘can no longer afford to bury their dead’

Second general strike in less than a month takes place amid latest round of draconian measures

Vanna Mendaleni is a middle aged Greek woman who until now has not had vehement feelings about the crisis that has engulfed her country. But that changed when the softly spoken undertaker, closing her family-run funeral parlour, joined thousands of protesters on Thursday in a mass outpouring of fury over austerity policies that have plunged ever growing numbers of Greeks into poverty and fear.

“After three years of non-stop taxes and wage cuts it’s got to the point where nothing has been left standing,” she said drawing on a cigarette. “It’s so bad families can no longer afford to even bury their dead. Bodies lie unclaimed at public hospitals so that the local municipality can bury them.”

As Greece was brought to a grinding halt by its second general strike in less than a month, Mendaleni wanted to send a message to the Greek prime minister, Antonis Samaras, and other EU leaders meeting in Brussels.

“We once had a life that was dignified. Now the country has gone back 50 years and these politicians have to be made aware that enough is enough.”

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  1. How awful. How can Greece be fixed? What a terrible mess to be in.

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