This is an amazing man, and right on the money.

“I come before you as an un-hyphenated Canadian”

NOTE: Salim Mansur is an Associate Professor of Political Science at the University of Western Ontario. I’ll place the video of his initial speech, and the link to Vlad who has the rest, those present who responded to what he said.

Part II is dynamite, the woman asking the question couldn’t entertain a single word he said.

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  1. Too late for that. The opportunity to reverse the damage was provided by 9/11. A heaven sent opportunity was spurned. Instead, the entire West opened up to Muslim immigration – Canada and the US in particular.

    Its too late to cry over spilt milk. Too late to learn lessons from past battles. The way forward now, is to find a way to reverse the situation without compromising our own values. Difficult but not impossible.

    As for the MPs in Canada’ s House, they are truly unbelievable. Most of Europe has given up on Multicultism, Canadian MPs are committed to it. In the rest of the West, social engineering was carried out in secret, as if they knew they were doing something wrong. Canadian MPs actually admit to carrying out “social engineering”, what can be termed as “soft genocide”, and they are proud of it.

    Canada, from Treudeau’s time, is the country that provided back door entry to the English speaking world.

    Anyway -all too late. The question now is how to undo the damage without compromising our values.

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