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More dissembling from a supposed ”moderate” Muslim Swedish MP.

It’s not the unwavering support of free speech that is of utmost importance for Malik, but the restriction of free speech, in order not to embarrass Muslims in the West who believe such displays of violence and rhetoric to be counterproductive to Islam’s goals in the long run.

The Muslim social democrat views the film as ”anti-Islam” but offers not a scintilla of proof that it isn’t factual. But again, it’s immaterial for the representatives of Islam whether criticism of Islam is factual or not, that it’s being criticized at all, is in itself, enough to send them over the edge, and used as ample justification for their open displays of violence which is usually attended with calls for the murder of the ”offender”.

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Producers of profane stuff destroying world peace, Swedish MP

Shahab Ansari
Sunday, October 14, 2012

NASIM Malik, a Swedish social democrat politician, has asked those who genuinely stand for the world peace to unite against those who produce sacrilegious, baneful material and who, in the name of freedom of expression, are bent upon destroying the little hope the humanity today has for peace.

While talking to The News from Sweden on Wednesday, Nasim Malik, an elected reserve member of the Swedish Parliament, expressed great concern over the ongoing highly deplorable acts of provocation against Muslims of the world. He said that the Muslim world deplored the brazen act of blatant provocation by the production of an anti-Islam film.

It is another inflammable act, fuelling tension, violence and bloodshed. At a time when every effort is needed to pacify emotions and create an atmosphere of harmony amongst faiths and communities, this film has hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world, flaring up large-scale demonstrations and protests.

Nasim Malik said that some months ago one of the great Muslim leaders and scholars delivered several addresses, including one at Capitol Hill in the United States, admonishing the world to avert the serious threats to world peace and save humanity from an unprecedented destruction.

In such provocative situations, he asked the Muslims to remain calm and never retaliate violence with violence.

Malik pointed out that Islam is peace and its reaction to such devastating behaviour should express tolerance. The acts of burning flags, petrol pumps, properties and cars to show their anger are not according to the teachings of Islam.

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  1. In such provocative situations, he asked the Muslims to remain calm and never retaliate violence with violence.

    Eh? So far it is the non-Muslim world that has refrained from violence, despite being provoked time and time again, by the barbaric and murderous acts of Muslims.

  2. I should comment intelligently on this, but unfortunately every time I see a photograph with rampaging Muslim retards on it all I can think about is – why are they always so fucking ugly?
    I’m not a mirror but I think my eyeballs have just cracked (again)!

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