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Gee, what could go wrong?

The whole interview is full of subterfuge, lying and taqqiya. Click here for the “Responding to Muslims, respect and other religions” video offered by Vlad. The man admits to being a devout practicing Muslim, so you know that he won’t bat an eyelash in lying to a non-Muslim.

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(AP) Muslim participants hunter course shall have issued threats against Norwegian Jews.

AP follows
Synagogue shots

Ervin Kohn Chairman of the Board of the Jewish community in Oslo (DMT) has shots fired at the synagogue in 2006 in mind, when it was shot with large caliber ammunition against on St. Hans Haugen in Oslo.

He denounces the information that Norwegian-Muslim extremists now has taken the hunting test – and thus can legally have six guns each. – Yeah, I’m worried. We have shots fired at the synagogue in mind, says Kohn.

Several sources confirmed to Reuters that the Police Security Service has been notified that the participants have issued threats against Jews after having passed the hunting test.

– I hope that those who have the responsibility to protect us and all other Norwegian citizens included, take this seriously and do not neglect this responsibility, said a teacher.

Reuters confirms that the Police Security Service (PST) is familiar with the case and that there holds attention with the radical environment.

– Why should they fear us? A member of the Norwegian Muslim group ‘Prophet’ Ummah ‘ said, who attended the hunter course. He rejects that some of the participants have expressed threats to any denomination.

The leader denies that they are hostile to Jews or Christians and shows that these religions are described as a protected people, “Ahl al-Kitab,” in Islam.  A person in the group is goes by the familiar nickname “Abu Osama,” and is originally from Algeria.

– Why should they fear us? I do not understand why they should be afraid. They are people just like us. As far as I know, the Jewish community hasn’t made any harm to Muslims.

It’s one thing to be a Zionist, to support the occupation of Palestine and the Zionist settlers, it’s a very different thing to be a Jew or a Christian. Everyone in our group have respect for Christians and Jews, he said. Explaining that they have no intention to acquire weapons or using hunting training to hurt anyone.

– We joined the site because we wanted a break from city life and be out in the woods. When I finished the course, I sat and waited for word from a trainer when I should be taking a hunting test, but I did not hear anything from him.

He thinks it’s all because he was seen at a demonstration against the burning of the Quran which Mullah Krekar held in the spring. – I was part of the demonstration, but it was a coincidence that I walked past with my father that day. I support the demonstration entirely.

– Do you think people perceive you as radical?

– No, we’re just practicing Muslims. I have one foot in Norway and one foot in the other part of the world. Norwegians do not see what is happening in our part of the world and how the dictatorship regimes in which injure and kill people, says the man who has a background in a Muslim country.

He refers in particular to the dictator Bashar al-Assad massacres of women and children in Syria. husband shows also how the Islamic party (FIS) won the 1992 election in Algeria.

But the military junta did the coup. He said that over 250,000 people were killed and over 150,000 were abducted. – Had this happened in the West they would never have accepted it and moved in on the day, said the young man.

More here in Norwegian.

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  1. If I was Norwegian Christian, I would be so relieved that Muslims in Norway have no fight with Christians, and are willing to share Norway with us.

    1. Due to political-correct tendency of the last 30 years, native Christians in western & northern Europe are compelled by a ‘cultural Marxists’ elite to adopt lies and be naïve. Even if a strait common sense tells them the lies are primitive and obvious. We know how Muslims treat religious minorities; especially Christians and Jews in their homeland. Ethnic cleansing is in Islamic teaching a high value (Jihad). As long as Muslims in Europe are not strong enough they should not start a fight. There is no reason for any native Norwegians to be relieved. Muslims will never share the Norwegian way of life. They are waiting for the take over of Norway. Muslims, like Nazis, believe they are the ‘Herrenfolk’ of a bloodthirsty morbid Fuhrer-god and a guttersnipe of a ‘Capo’ who gave them the right for ‘Lebensraum’.

  2. As we say here in America when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. When has lawfulness ever entered the mind of a Muslim with respect to Western civilization? Only when it will get them further in their quest for annihilation of Jews and establishment of a victory. Not that all Muslims are doing something bad or unlawful. After all someone has to cook and clean the home.

    And DP111 just be patient they’ll get to us Christians. We’re #2 on the list that’s all.

  3. I love the photo of the synagogue. It brings me peace to look at it. Wonderful architecture that blesses the Norwegian culture instead of standing in disruptive contrast. I like harmony in cultures and not dissonance. It shows a people that assimilate and cooperate in a society.

  4. @DP111 – Don’t be so naive, we are all infidels to them! As for attending hunter training and being allowed to own 6 guns, surely this can’t be allowed to continue? They are the most untrustworthy people in the world and their koran sanctions lying to non-muslims, so don’t ever believe a word they say!

    @WordsPerMinute – I totally agree with your comment “…when guns are outlawed only outlaws will have guns. ” This is the problem we have in the UK. Since owning personal firearms was banned in the 1990’s the only ones carrying weapons are the criminals. How soon before we see a group of muslim lunatics on the streets of London like Mumbai is anyone’s guess!

  5. One quick question regarding immigration to Norway. Do the muslims from Afghanistan, Iraq etc bother to fully learn the Norwegian language? It is known to be one of the hardest languages to learn.

    After arriving in the UK many don’t bother so our government has to translate documentation, forms, letters, signs etc at public cost. They even get translators when required – again paid for by the taxpaying public!

    I was just curious how you guys deal with it.

  6. The inscription over the entrance of the synagogue reads, “My house shall be a house of prayer unto all nations.” The Jews welcome everyone; the Muslims want to destroy anyone who does not agree with them.

    1. Thanks Allan, that was a nice thing for you to do (translate)…and to say.

  7. Sorry but I am beginning to think Norway is losing the plot, letting these maniacs have gun is utter madness.

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