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  1. Much as I admire Nigel Farage, he’s a bit out-of-date on this one.
    The Nobel peace prize was already brought into dispute when it was awarded to Arafat and Obama.

  2. How true! It should be called the Appeasement Prize

  3. “The stabilizing role of the European Union has helped transform a once torn Europe from a continent of war in a continent of peace,” said the chairman of the Nobel committee.

    That guy is an asshole.

    The U.S. army made sure that that Western Europe was at peace for six decades, the longest period in its history. To give a Nobel Price to the unelected Marxists, Maoists, looters and moochers in the EUSSR parliament is adding insult to injury.

    Where is the Nobel Price for the U.S. Army?

  4. sheik yer’mami says: That guy is an asshole.

    Indeed, a first class Anus, or as we say over here an arsehole.

    However, while appreciating the assistance of the US, we Europeans have done our bit to keep the peace, and our thanks is to have our individual nations stolen by those you correctly name as the looters and moochers of the EU who believe we are theirs to dispose of. And if they allow Turkey into this cabal of thieves, we will lose our European heritage as it succumbs to islamisation.

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