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I hear that they’re making headway against the attack.

Press release: Dispatch International is still under attack!

Dear friends

Dispatch International is under attack. We need your help to fight back. For the third time in six weeks, the new international newspaper Dispatch International is under a Denial of Service attack, which has temporarily disabled our site.

Some folks out there obviously don’t like what we are doing. That is understandable because we don’t like them either. This time around they are clearly aghast that we have started a protest campaign against the most recent Muslim Brotherhood stunt aimed at introducing the Muslim prayer call from mosques in Sweden. And from there to the rest of Europe.

The articles that our enemies do not want people to read are these:

Petition Against Muslim Call To Prayer

Allah is Greater in Fittja

Muslim prayer call not a part of Swedish culture 

Dispatch International encourages you to republish this important material.

Our enemies shall not succeed. We will soon be up again and when we are, please sign our protest against this latest attempt to enforce sharia law and Islamic supremacy in the West. At Dispatch-International.com you can also take out a subscription to our newspaper and buy one or more of our Free Press Certificates.

Please do so.

The era of appeasement and abject surrender to the forces of evil is over.

Thank you

Ingrid Carlqvist
Lars Hedegaard
Dispatch International

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