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The arrogance of the intellectual Left

I have mixed feeling about this. On the one hand, its entirely forgivable to give in to the knee-jerk reaction to laugh hysterically at the rather unfortunate pics of some of ‘The Finns’ candidates in the upcoming municipal elections. They were however, all cherry picked for obvious reasons, and no doubt, similar pictures for the Left’s candidates are in ample supply  as well (I have found them over the years to be as amusing).

But what it shows on the other hand, is the outright contempt leftist intellectuals have for the average person, especially for those with whom they disagree. These are just local townsfolk (many for the very first time) stepping up to the plate to run for local city councils, only to be mocked by the arrogant elitist Left.

The thing that gets me…is the relative ease, with which Roos, as an academic, and acting candidate, does something so over the top, shows me how confident he was of his ”lofty credentials” (being a Leftist = being above any suspicion of bigotry) was his ‘get-out-jail free card. He was solely judging people on their looks alone, as to whether they had any value to be friends or not. Really telling don’t you think?

NOTE: Their Leftist credentials supposedly acts as an inoculation for the bigotry virus. They just whip out the card, say what they want and feel morally superior while saying it. Here is the link to the website of the pics, made by this Leftist emeritus professor, J.P. Roos, (a candidate himself).

H/T: Mimosa Dedanann

Published: 08/10/2012 11:02, updated on: 08/10/2012 11:13

 Comments by a well known emeritus professor of social politics about the looks of the True Finns municipal election candidates, upsets. Left Alliance candidate in municipal elections, a Helsinki-based social policy professor emeritus, JP Roos, decries the True Finns municipal election candidates for their appearance in remarks on his blog.

On the weekend, Facebook pictures of the The Finns municipal election candidates began to spread from a gallery labeled ‘Per Looks’, which is a parody of the well-known fashion blog called ‘Hel Looks’ outlining Helsinki street fashion.

Roos wrote on Sunday in an evening blog text, in which he wrote of the True Finns candidates that they “are really pretty terrible-looking” and that “not very many of them, would he like to become a Facebook friend based on the image alone.”

Roos removed the writing on Monday morning and now regrets the text.

– It was overkill and I deleted it, Roos texted to the IltaSanomat.

More here in Finnish.

9 Responses

  1. These ordinary people are the salt of the earth. They are the ones who work in the fields and factories that produce the real wealth, that Leftist professors hold in contempt. These are the people who died in the thousands to protect Finland’s independence from the professor’s much loved Stalinists.

    If the rules of the Soviet Union were applied to this communist professor, he would be in a re-education camp, working night and day with his bare hands, on some cold and wet field. Then lets see how his face and hand look like after a couple of years on the fields.

    Arrogant shameless git.

  2. And he is a professor of what? Social politics?

    What the hell is that? If he was professor in Engineering, Physics or Chemistry – fine, it requires brains, and produces some real knowledge.

    He is just another freeloader with a cushy well paid job, producing nothing except garbage.

  3. They all look like very nice, hard working men to me. I find it really strange the professor needs to be sexually attracted to both males and females before he would facebook friend them. You’re not supposed to screw your friends over. It’s not nice!

  4. In case this creep hasn’t noticed it yet, there isn’t much of a future in being a “leftist professor.” The market for lefty what it used to be, and it’s not going to get better any time soon.

    Let him get a real job where he actually has to work for a living, and he won’t have enough time on his hands for pointlessly mocking the physical appearance of others.

    Has a leftist humanities academic ever contributed anything meaningful to the world, anywhere?

  5. I know the type personally, one particular one in UK, a woman-basher and drunk made it swiftly up the ranks to Social Work prof!!

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