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  1. Education is about being open. It is about examining all facts from as many different reliable sources as possible and examining these facts objectively in order to draw reasonable conclusions.
    This teacher is not fit to teach. His political opinions should not influence the way that he treats his students. Political correctness has taken over the classroom. Education standards are lower than they were fifty years ago and this applies to North America and to Europe. This example is Orwellian in its nature and Nazi in its enforcement.
    Politics should driven out of schools and away from campuses.

    1. Orwellian society is upon us. This is how the left hijacks society. Through the schools.

      1. The Leftists hijack society through schools because the Leftists are only capable of hijacking and infiltrating.
        The Left are incapable of gaining power by democratic means (unless they have already infiltrated and brainwashed half the populace) because a free citizenry will never be stupid enough to vote for the Left.
        That is why you will find the Leftists worming their way into non-elected positions of power such as the media, the judiciary, the education system and government advisory positions.
        That is one reason why the Left have such an affinity with Islam, because Muslims when in a position of weakness prefer to use stealth jihad to rise to power. The Left use similar tactics – we can call it stealth Marxism.
        The Left need to be flushed out of all the positions of power that they did not acquire by democratic means. I might vote for a politician but I am incapable of voting for a chief-of-police or a headteacher or a magistrate.
        Kicked them all out of taxpayer funded jobs. Kick them out of power completely.

  2. So the school district has determined the student “did nothing wrong”!? I don’t think that was ever the issue. Of course she did nothing wrong. It was the teacher that “did something wrong”. The student is the victim. It sounds to me that the school district is trying to protect the teacher by focusing on the student being right or wrong. Thank God…oh I’m sorry, it’s a good thing that Democrats are for people (and their rights). I hope they hurry up and take away our freedom of speech so this doesn’t come up again in the future. Oh and by the way, can someone ask the school district if the teacher’s political view is going to be the correct answer on her next test? Thank God my kids are out of school.

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