I recently came across a piece by Edmund Standing titled ‘Debunking Islamization‘, in a private Facebook forum focused on Middle East issues. The piece was so badly thought out and put together, I though I’d formulate a piece of my own, and here it is.

NOTE: Also worth pointing out is that the ”oil & water” mix of Islam and pluralistic democracy are proving to be just that, a bad mix that’s bound for failure. One only has to look at Turkey, a once modern secular state that has been Islamizing itself ever since Kemal Mustafa Ataturk passed away.


Interestingly enough, the essay by Edmund Standing, fails to mention the Organization of the Islamic Cooperation once, not even as a passing sideline to a larger narrative. The fact 57 member state OIC has been spearheading for the past 7 years (and stands at the cusp of finally achieving its goal) a world wide ban, either through actual UN legistlation, or by self censorship, of any criticism directed at Islam [1.] tells me that either Standing is an ignoramus on the subject he writes, or is being entirely disingenuous.

One can only wonder why E. Standing, in light of the Saudis’ immense purse strings, (which has funded for an example the overwhelming majority of mosques within the US) [2], fails to take it, and that immemsely influential pan-Muslim organization of the OIC, into consideration on anything closely related to Islamization. 

Documents introduced into the Holy Land Foundation Trial (in the U.S.) as evidence [3] (the first part of the documents are in Arabic, the second part is the English translation) which were found in a federal investigation of the Holyland Foundation, shows the Muslim Brotherhood’s goals of Islamization of the US, shows active participation in the Islamization project.

Also worth noting, the demographic numbers presented by Standing contain highly optomistic and dubious asumptions:

“large ethnic minority population growth combined with ethnic minority affluence for the two directly contradict each other. In order for such a shift to occur, Muslim families in particular will have to adjust to a less ‘traditional’ way of life.”

On the contrary, look how much has been acheived, in so little time with so few funding, sharia courts (officially 40, but in reality that number is really in the hundreds) now dispence discriminative law within the UK, [4] when a mere two decades ago one law for all existed. Halal meat is being sold to an unsuspecting non-Muslim population in the UK [5] and the business of sharia compliancy in the international banking system has proliferated at leaps and bounds where next to none existed in the West a mere couple of decades ago.

Simplistic writings on Islamization (that seek to minimize, or even disprove its existence) has to force the readers’ attention elsewhere, there’s no looking at the historical record nor an emphasis on experience, which would lead the inquisitve, interested party to review what has transpired in one land after the other that has brushed up close with Islam, they are either locked in an eternal war with it (as with India or Israel and other asian countries in the pacific region) or worn out through attrition and demographic numbers.

Those of us in the West are cursed by the fact that we are prone to think in the relative ”here and now”, lacking an enviable quality that many Muslims profess, that being patience. No civilization collapses from without, but from within, that is the very essense of the OIC’s goals, coopting Western terms of ”human rights”, peace, respect and cohabitation, but meaning something else entirely, while whittling away at its civil liberties, and anyone one who objects, is an ”Islamophobe”, a term that they refuse to fully define for obvious reasons.

It’s why the OIC’s Ekmeleddin Ihsanoglu can stand there and smile, state he’s for peace and respect, yet say nothing of the vile attacks by Muslims on Christians, Jews and animists, while denying the existence of Muslim / Islamic inspired antisemitism, [6] while promoting a highly vague and ambiguous term of ” Islamophpbia” (coopted by International Institute for Islamic Thought (IIIT) in Northern Virginia) [7] meant to deter or ”beat up critics of Islam.”

Islamization is a process, and no historical evidence available insists that it has to happen within a certain time period or in a specific way. One of the reasons why Fascism has been such a difficult idoelogy to nail down is that it takes on a character of the nation itself, but the end result is that it always the same, an end to civil liberties, despite the intentions of the leaders and state in question.

The idea here, is to think long term, and look at what has happened thus far in such a short little time, and mostly at the hand of non-Muslim politicians influenced by a smaller demographic. E.Standard’s piece does not, it demands that you look elsewhere, ”pay no attention to the little man behind the green curtain”.


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  1. Anyone who tries to discount the reality of Islamization without taking into account the role of the Saudis and the OIC in the process is simply so ignorant, or so corrupt, that they’re not worth paying any attention to.

  2. Quote:

    “Those of us in the West are cursed by the fact that we are prone to think in the relative ”here and now”, lacking an enviable quality that many Muslims profess, that being patience”

    Horse pucky. It’s not patience. Fear is the glue that keeps the majority Muslims on the same page for the duration. Otherwise, how would you explain ‘sudden jihad syndrome’? Patience? Bah!

    Misogynistic rule – from the household-> prayer centers-> society at large corrals followers within the electrified fence of Islam. The mosque (aka Islamic learning center) is the oven in which these s0-called- ‘patient’ misogynistic beasts stoke the fear and flames of eternal war, routinely spilling out into the greater society which all believers are taught – uniformly- from birth, a non-submissive society is the ultimate offense to be taken personally to heart by each believer – or else.
    Patience is not an accurate characterization. Persistence, the doctrine of itjihad permanently sealing the gates to the eternal rule of law —-unlike the west which
    is in constant change where even the US Constitution is viewed as a living/breathing document open to change to suit whatever direction the wind shifts.
    Persistence and blinders . . .but not patience.

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