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What’s there to see then?

Censorship by the Swedish state to silence the fifth column.

H/T: Ingrid Carlqvist & special thanks to Vlad for getting  Michael Laudahn to translate.

NON-FREEDOM OF SPEECH, UPDATED: Apparently, Janne Josefsson’s documentary about Lars Vilks and his speech in the USA about his [personal] experience with the islamic threat against freedom of speech was becoming too much for SVT’s management, steered by V and MP [Moderata Samingspartiet, . Now, they have removed the video from SVT Play [SVT’s web tv].

Little doubt, the reason for it is that they were bombarded with complaints by the cultural leftists’ islam huggers, who are outraged over the fact that the video was too objective and contained to little bias and guideposts. Equally doubtless that Sweden’s moslems have made themselves heard, reporting how aggrieved they became that parts of Vilks’ speech were shown, and that his rondellhund cartoons could be seen for a short moment. In a communiqué at SVT’s forum, the company’s politbureau replies to a direct question, stating that the video has been removed, and that they have the intention to publish a new (read: censured) version later.

Unfortunately, we the editors did not anticipate this measure, something we of course should have done, knowing what type of company SVT is. We have therefore not saved the original. If any of our viewers have been more anticipating and saved the video, or know if it has been saved somewhere, then we are obviously grateful for tips about it.   SVT Play / Uppdrag granskning

Update 121005 13:45:

Now it seems that the new version has been published. When time allows, we will look at it to see what has been changed/removed. Readers who saw the video when it was broadcast, or during the period where the original version was published at SVT Play, are of course welcome to tell us which changes can be stated. We have asked the editors at Uppdrag Granskning for a comment.

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  1. The only thing they removed was a fragment of film where you could spot the adress of Pamela Gellers private location.

    1. Hi Kenneth, could you please give a rundown of the film, I’ll publish it with this post as an update

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