Gee, how much longer before this gross error is rectified?

UPDATE: State Department digs in its heels, says it stands by the appointment of the 9/11 Truther Marayarti to head the US delegation to OSCE conference. Click here for the Washington free Beacon’s report. Looks like we have to wait for Romney to take over.

NOTE: Picture taken at the event by Elisabeth Sabaditsch-Wolff.



While two out of three of the U.S. representatives are scholars whose fields suggest expertise in human rights and democratization, and are entirely consistent with the themes of the OSCE and, specifically, human rights and democracy, Al-Marayati’s appointment raises serious questions.

Counter-terrorism expert Steve Emerson told The Jewish Press that

Al-Marayati’s appointment is not just scandalous but also does incalculable damage to our values as a nation whose core principles categorically reject the legitimization of a racist supporter of terrorism, and an incendiary proponent of paranoid conspiracies that provides the motivation for radical Muslims to carry out terrorism.

More here.

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  1. Oh dear. I never though I would see the day when criticising a religion, Islam, would become illegal. So how did this come about? Islam is after all, a predatory beast in human society.

    Let us look at other predatory beasts, such as lions, tigers, crocodiles etc, who were a menace to humans for epochs. But as humans became more intelligent and technologically advanced, they turned the tables on these predatory beasts. In the short space of a century, these predatory beasts became so few, that we had to declare them an endangered species, and ban their killing.

    We went further, we made huge areas of territory into wildlife and conservation parks, where these beasts could live without being shot by farmers. To make the venture pay, safari parks charged an entrance fee.

    What I see is that Muslims are asking the world, that Islam is designated an “endangered culture”. The trouble I have in granting that demand is that Muslims are forever shouting, that there are 1.2 bn Muslims in the world, and Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world.

    Still, it is satisfying to note that Islam feels that it is losing the war.

  2. Still, let us say that we did grant an “endangered culture” designation to Islam. That would have certain implications.

    1. Muslims will no longer be able to mix with humans, but be confined to the equivalent of safari parks. Realistically that means that Muslims will be required to be in Muslim countries only.

    2. As Muslims are quite unable to sustain themselves, specially so when the oil runs out, we would have to give them aid for eternity. It will be the equivalent of a tax to maintain a national park.

    It is funny to an extent. I have never known a religion to demand a protected status. Even native north American Indians, or Aboriginals in Australia, had the pride not to stoop to such demands, though they faced far greater pressure.

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