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I was forwarded this German article by Stefan Metzeler, and google translated it, so please be patient with the stiff wording.

UPDATE: Vlad had his translator get a hold of it and now there is a better version available.

Iran fires on its own aircraft

An original translation by Michael Laudahn:

For the case of a war against Israel, the iranian leadership always pretends to be confident of victory.  However, according to US secret services, they are so nervous that their troups commit gross errors.

During a major manoeuvre in september 2009, an iranian army priest stands before an S-200 surface-to-air missile. Unfortunately, iranian planes have the tendency to crash at certain intervals. The principal reason for the many accidents is the shortage of spare parts, which cannot be procured, due to the international economic sanctions. According to US secret service intelligence, in recent years an additional source of danger started coming forth: their own air raid defences. According to the New York Times  which possesses the secret Pentagon document on ‘Operational Mishaps by [iranian] Air Defense Units’, in 2007 Tehran was haunted by the fear of a military strike.

In september, Israel’s air force had bombed a semi-operational nuclear reactor in Syria and held major manoeuvres above the Mediterranean Sea. Observers speculated about an imminent attack against the iranian Natanz nuclear enrichment facility. Consequently scared, iranian air raid defences apparently started to shoot at whatever moved. Assuming that Israel’s fighter jets would camouflage as civil airplanes, in june 2007 a revolutionary guard unit fired a surface-to-air missile against a commercial airliner.

In may 2008, anti aircraft batteries fired at an iranian reconnaissance drone, a commercial plane and even one of their own F-14 fighter planes. In june 2008, an F-4 interceptor fighter ascended to inspect a suspicious object. As it turned out, it was an Iraqi Airways plane on its way from Bagdad to Tehran. These incidents can apparently only in parts be traced back to the Tehran leadership’s heightened nervousness.

The quality of air surveillance, transmission [of data] and education in the iranian army is so low that more such errors can be expected, according to the Pentagon’s report. The incidents do not lack a sad irony: On 3 july 1988 over the Persian Gulf, the US Navy shot down an iranian commercial airliner on its way to Dubai. All 290 people aboard were killed. Fatally enough, the [vessel’s] crew had identified the Airbus A300 as an iranian F-14 fighter jet. According to a report printed in the spanish newspaper ABC, the iranian army attempts to prepare for an attack using other, similarly desperate methods.

Assuming that Israel’s air force will use its F-16 fighter planes, it is said that venezuelan state chief Hugo Chávez in 2006 made available an F-16 for his iranian allies. The plane was completely disassembled and flewn in boxes to Iran.

There, it was reassembled, so that the iranian air raid defences could adapt to this type of fighter jet. As noted then by Israel’s daily newspaper Haaretz, the venezuelan F-16 are outdated models acquired by that country prior to Chávez’ arrival in power. If these have much in common with the israeli air force’s F-16 is doubtful.

NOTE: Original in German. 

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  1. In 2006, the International Monetary Fund ranked Iran highest in brain drain among 90 measured countries. The estimated exodus of 180,000 people per year is thought to be due to a poor job market, and tense domestic social conditions.

    On 12 June 1980 the Cultural Revolution shut down Iran’s Higher Education system for over a year to completely overhaul and Islamise it, purging many students and faculty. Nonetheless, the flight abroad of educated Iranians was commented on as early as Oct 31 of 1980, when its importance was disparaged by the founder of the Islamic Republic in Iran, Ayatollah Khomeini:

    “They say there is a brain drain. Let these decayed brains flee. Do not mourn them, let them pursue their own definitions of being. Is every brain with – what you call – science in it honorable? Shall we sit and mourn the brains that escaped? Shall we worry about these brains fleeing to the US and the UK? Let these brains flee and be replaced by more appropriate brains. Now that they (the Islamic Republic) are filtering, you are sitting worried why they are executing [people]? Why are you discussing these rotten brains of [these] lost people? Why are you questioning Islam? Are they fleeing? To hell with them. Let them flee. They were not scientific brains. All the better. Don’t be concerned. They should escape. [Iran] is not a place for them to live any more. These fleeing brains are of no use to us. Let them flee. If you know that this is no place for you, you should flee too.” *'s_brain_drain

    * Khomeini in an interview with Ettelaat newspaper.

    According to Khomeini’s definition, any Westernized, reasonable or critical brain is either decayed, dishonorable, inappropriate, rotten, useless and even, lo and behold, unscientific !! If anyone wants to look for a reason as to why on earth Muslim countries are the worst shit holes of the 21st century to be living in, then look no further. This is the standard Muslim “reasoning” taken to the pinnacle of Islam’s glorious intellectualism !

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