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A sad case of not seeing the tree for the forest.

I have long supported the rise of the Finns party in Finnish politics, solely because they were simply the only ones willing to talk openly about the negative effects mass immigration has on the Islamization of European societies, and of course here in Finland as well.

The Tundra Tabloids has been consistently a proponent for the safeguarding of civil rights and individual liberties of each and every citizen here in Europe, in the U.S. and in other states throughout the West. Intrinsic to the rights of the citizen is to care for the well being of their children, making decisions (whether you personally agree with it or not) in their stead, free from big government intrusions.

Hey big government, leave our penises alone.

One can disagree with circumcision without calling for its being banned and criminalized, to date, it’s been a widely held practice in the US medical community to forestall infection, and been proven to help against the spread of AIDS. That aside, even if male circumcision didn’t have any plus effect whatsoever, as well as no adverse side effect, the practice as a religious cultural issue take precedence over anyone else’s personal view.

I have never run into anyone who’s a strong supporter for the banning of male circumcision, ever adequately prove to me why their concerns trump the views and concerns of the parents. Everyone who reads this blog knows exactly where I stand on Islamization, sharia law and the immorality of halal meat being forced upon the unknowing non-Muslim public, as well as the danger it poses due to part of the proceeds of halal meat go to funding the jihad against the West.

Those are all justifiable concerns. Where I draw the line is the state, or in this case, the appeal to a raw majority to trample on the rights, yes, the religious rights of a minority to satisfy some ‘concern’ that they have with an ancient practice that has never been proven to have an adverse effect on the male child if its done correctly.

Now before those of you who profoundly disagree with me inundate the comments with ”this or that” link of doctors who say ”this or that” on male circumcision, let me be clear, I can do the exact same, filling up the comments with a plethora of statements from doctors who speak to the contrary as well. When push comes to shove, I am always for the civil rights of the individual, to be free to practice, believe, and to follow their conscious irrespective of what the majority might feel is right, as long they are not violating the right of another.

Finland debates circumcision

The populist The Finns Party wants to ban male circumcision and the planned bill would criminalize all religious circumcisions on boys under 15.

During Wednesday’s parliamentary session, Finns Party MP, Vesa-Matti Saarakkala said that under Finnish law female circumcision is already considered a criminal act and the male circumcision should be banned as well. Another Finns MP, Olli Immonen stated that “due to uncontrollable immigration and Islamization, circumcisions will increase in the future.”

The Finns Party is the country’s third largest political party with 39 representatives in the 200-member Finnish parliament and it is also projected to a big winner in the upcoming municipal elections.

Jouko Jääskeläinen, Christian Democrat MP, defended male circumcision by arguing that it protects from HIV and other infections. Jussi Halla-aho, a vociferous critic of immigration and Islam, responded by saying that the proposed law is not trying to present a view on the deeper essence of Islam or Judaism, but that the bill is about a person’s right to physical and religious freedom.

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