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Eeyore for Vlad Tepes blog: And in many of the videos they tell the same lie, that Muslims respect Jesus and other ‘prophets’ etc. Which of course is preposterous. Islam has rewritten the narrative on all famous religious figures of Judaism and Christianity to make them conform to Islamic values and make them enemies of the very people they represented.

These riots/demonstrations world wide are days of rage and part of the plan the OIC and the Muslim Brotherhood have been planning and implementing for decades now. To destroy us, with our own legal systems and a hijacking of our values to their purpose.

It needs to be said, that freedom of speech has bugger all to do with the 1st amendment of the US constitution or with what any government can offer in terms of ‘rights’. Freedom of speech is a piece of real estate that we must occupy or lose it to those willing to take it.

Each time we agree for reasons of politeness or fear or intimidation or political correctness to abandon a corner of that real estate, imagining that this means it will remain technically ours but we are nice enough not to use it, very quickly it becomes enemy territory and the choice to use it is gone.

The proof of this is clear from our own history in the last 60 years. How many words and ideas that were once common in the language now can send you to jail? Especially in England.

The right free people have to criticize, mock, ridicule and expose irrational authority of all kinds is actually more of an obligation. But let me be clear, the obligation to speak freely about religious authority most of all must never be sacrificed. It is the well greased slippery slope to totalitarianism. And yes, not right, but obligation. I do not know for sure if there are any gods but I do know that without exception their representatives on earth are imperfect and irrational overall and given too much power even the most benevolent and charitable groups will become totalitarian as they can synthesize laws and rules out of thin air as the basis for law in religion is the imaginary and easily arbitrarily interpreted.

This goes for Jews (ultra religious areas of Israel see some thuggery used to force religious law), Christians, Buddhists (Tibet was not the peaceful free place people pretend it was, and the Dalai Lama is a bad choice for The Hippie King) Hindus (remember Suttee etc?) and every other system of laws based on gods and the supernatural.

Islam’s demands on our freedom to “insult the prophet” is not to be tolerated. Even for those that think there is compromise with it, I ask you to please define the line between an insult and a criticism. And while you do that, notice that the trailer all the Muslims world wide pretend they are rioting over contains no actual untruth or historical inaccuracies.

Here is the precedent.

Once you make truthful analysis of Islam illegal, you have submitted. That real estate, your own castle in fact, the one you built over centuries of bloodshed, you have ceded to your worst imaginable enemy and you will soon count yourself lucky to be the lowest servant to them and that, only till they know the layout of your home as well as you do.

Eeyore for Vlad.

H/T for videos: Martin

Pakistan Sept 30:

Glasgow Sept 29:

Montreal Canada:

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  1. We have a serious problem. The solution to the problem is a very draconian one. It requires that we arrive at such a point, when it becomes not only politically acceptable, but a requirement for the safety of all, that Muslims are kindly requested to leave Europe and the West.

    Muslims it seems do not realise, that the policy of appeasement to their acts of terrorism, violence, sexual predation of young, and girls, and general creation of mayhem, is leading to that end.

    “Appeasement” has always been a “bad” word in the West. But for the democracies of England and America, it is a necessary first step on the road to the creation of a new world order.

    1. Those holding dual citizenship and refuse to abide by our laws, then can be legally repatriated.

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