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Or in other words: France intends to implode itself into smithereens

With the move, France increases the likelihood of the further balkanization of its republic, to a point of no return, just as it places draconian income tax measures that increases the likelihood of the flight of wealthy French to safer tax shores.

What we are witnessing here is societal suicide by the socialists (and their neo-statist faux conservative lackeys) in the rush and aim to protect their delusional nirvana of the welfare state that has kept these political self anointed elitists in power all these years.

The head nod to Islam and to these Islamic fiefdoms scattered throughout their cities, explains their delusion, they truly believe that indeed ”they know how to contain it all” while reaping the electoral dividends of their patronage. It’s sick, self defeating and in the end, will lead to their undoing.

H/T: Fjordman

 (ANSAmed) – PARIS, SEPTEMBER 28 – France’s government will make the criteria to obtain French citizenship more flexible by eliminating, in particular, the obligation to have a permanent contract and a general culture test imposed by the right-wing administration of former president Nikolas Sarkozy.

‘It is important to affirm the intention of a strong integration with the citizenship. We don’t fear these new French citizens who represent a strength for the republic’, Interior Minister Manuel Valls told reporters. Valls was born in Barcelona, Spain, and became a French citizen when he was 20.

The minister said the new regulations will be transmitted ‘in the next few days’ to all prefects in the country. The document, he said, in particular scraps a test on ‘French history, culture and society’ promoted by Sarkozy, although ‘the knowledge of French and the adhesion to the values’ of the republic will remain among the conditions to become citizens.

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NOTE: Wake the hell up!

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  1. Well, they voted for this when they elected that idiot Hollande. Let them eat kebab.

  2. Taxing the richer echelons in French society up to 75% might not be sufficient if they keep this going (!) The deeper Hollande needs to dig into the pockets of citizens to please the benefit proletariat, the deeper the hole he will be digging for himself ! The idiot.

    But that’s just socialism for you. Never content with facing reality, they don’t realize that unchecked immigration actually COSTS us shit loads of money, it doesn’t reap any rewards whatsoever.

  3. Muslim will turn France into a shit hole for sure! Get smart France and stop the immigration before it’s too late.

  4. Don’t care about the self-important French. But this time when it comes apart, they have to live with it. Wake up call should be for Jews. Time to get out while you can.

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