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This is part of the Leftist/cultural Marxist’s critical theory, that in this case seeks to substitute traditional societal norms with pseudo science. There was a Norwegian documentary done last year that Vlad uploaded, and I’ll re-publish along with this article (h/t: Weasel Zippers) that will shed some light on the issue. The Norwegians have been bombarded with this Leftist crap and many scientists are no longer fooled by it any longer.

NOTE: Like I state earlier: “The more free a person is to choose their own choices and lifestyles, the greater in differences between the sexes. The Norwegians academics interviewed looked liked dunces when pelted with the evidence of the other studies that took biology into consideration.”

II The parental effect

Why You Should Buy Your Little Boy A Princess Costume — Forbes

When I was pregnant, almost every nurse, doctor or lab technician asked me the same question: so you guys aren’t finding out the gender, huh?  To which, I replied the same way to each medical professional: well, there’s no way to know, is there?

Without fail, the person always looked at me like I’d landed from Mars. But I stuck to my guns: until there’s an ultrasound that can detect a teeny-tiny Barbie house or Thomas The Tank Engine inside a woman’s womb, no parent or doctor on earth can determine the gender of any baby (at least, not until he or she is much older, and then, it might still be a pretty difficult assessment).

Many folks make this mistake. They confuse sex (anatomy, which we can detect in the womb) and gender (a social construction, think “masculinity” and “femininity,” which we can not)— especially when it comes to young children.

And many parents will go way out of their way to police the gender boundaries for their own kids and even kids they’ve never met before.

More here.

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  1. Sounds like bacha bazi envy is in the air at Forbes as well as with progressives.

  2. Sorry but the guy in the office at 8:56 seconds, top video is a complete moron! To imply that the body is completely separate to the mind, that the difference between males and females is just down to genitalia and looks is unbelievable garbage. What about hormones that effect both body and mind?
    Obviously he is not a parent. As a parent I observed from the moment of my daughter’s birth, how she was far more attracted to men’s voices, particularly her dad’s, even tho’ she could not see far, and I was the only female voice she responded to, even though there were other women around. The same went for boys in the maternity unit except they preferred women’s voices!
    Then I did the odd experiment, bringing her presents such as boys train sets. she was totally uninterested and I had to give them away.
    Not saying all kids are the same but sex is there right from the start!
    Is that idiot in charge of education? Stupidity is probably shared equally among the sexes!

  3. This is the craziest neo-Marxist CRAP I have ever heard. This is what liberals are campaigning for. Disturbing.

  4. Fact remains, we don’t have much to expect from Scandinavian pseudo-intellectuals and the preposterous levels of self-aggrandizing complacency they adhere to when PC feminists will go experimenting with dressing male toddlers up as girls and vice versa in order to prove that gender is a “social construct”, which it simply isn’t. It is a biological given with an inherently evolutionary rationale behind it: procreation and sustaining of the species in order to survive in a potentially inhospitable biotope.

    All left wing state sponsored idiots need to cling to this academical issue that lacks any content based on genuine scientific inquiry. It is an ill-conceived doctrine that transcends the transnational Global Solidarity issue they like to covet, to the point that even gender can be considered as a freely interchangeable commodity, rooted in “cultural perception”. Truth be told, this infantile, pubescent experiment is a desperate need of our “cultural elites” to try and shy away from the gender equality discussion objectively scrutinizing the needs of those who’d benefit most of a genuine and honest inquiry on that issue: the gender inequality of women within Islam !

    Hence, it is a childish form of intellectual denial of the tangible inequalities women have to suffer in Islam, in order to both avoid being deemed bigoted should they try to broach the subject, AND with the intent to find a hobby horse project the purveyors can beat themselves on the chest with as a means to attain moral supremacy over the general public, whom they totally despise. This doctrine is a cop-out of narcissistic bloviation, a cowardly exercise of self-proclaimed moral elites’ self sustainment , that renders both feminism and organizations like Amnesty International or Human Rights Watch (who have stopped giving a damn about women’s rights altogether to please the OIC) morally bankrupt and essentially defunct.

    This doctrine is an empty box, a philosophy without any real content, in the same vein as Political Correctness and Multiculturalism. Moonbats need their toys to experiment with, they are not to be taken seriously, not be granted any attention: they have abdicated the responsibilities they once professed they had, they have thrown their moral compass in the bin ! 21st century “militant feminism” is none other than a playground full of bored neo hippies donning a suit and a Ph.d. looking for some fashionable rebellion, as if they were teenagers. It amounts to nothing in practice.

  5. The idea that gender is an arbitrary social construct was was thoroughly discredited in the 80s and 90s. Studies found that there are significant differences in brain structure and body chemistry between males and females even as children. Studies that followed kids raised in the 70s in opposition to biological gender also found that the kids reverted to behavior patterns consistent with their natural gender when left alone. These kids were also found to experience significantly higher rates of depression, emotional instability, and suicidal ideation than kids raised traditionally. I can’t believe the lefty idiots are trying to resuscitate this garbage again.

    Anyone who turns their kid into some trendy sociological experiment to show that “gender doesn’t matter” should have their children taken away and be prosecuted for child abuse.

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