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I’m so sick of these jerks….

Egyptian President Warns World: ‘We Will Not Allow’ Insults to Islam

( – In his speech to the United Nations on Wednesday, Egypt’s President Mohamed Morsi condemned “insults hurled on the prophet of Islam, Mohammed,” and said the United Nations must do something about it.

“We reject this. We cannot accept it,” he said, speaking of insults to Islam. “And we will be the opponents of those who do this. We will not allowanyone to do this by word or deed.”

The warning that “We will not allow anyone to do this” was spoken through a translator and did not appear in the prepared text of Morsi’s speech.

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But the West say in response:

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  1. You’re not the only one who is sick to death of these “jerks” (I will refrain from using the word that actually describes them accurately). In my daydreams they all simply disappear from the face of the earth. In reality I see containment, a globally sanctioned ” cordon sanitaire” being the second last step to stopping them. That is my hope and my prayer, and may it come to fruition, sooner than later. Evil, simply cannot be tolerated.

  2. for some reason the site didn’t include the “.jpg” so you have to cut and paste the link.

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