Islam in the Netherlands



Keep him locked up for life.

(Scene where Theo Van Gogh was murdered, picture taken by myself earlier this year.)

Why the Islamic fundamentalist terrorist perp’s full name is mentioned only as Samir A. is beyond me, perhaps some of my Dutch readers can explain it?

H/T: BadNewsfromTheNetherlands

The National Detective Service has arrested Samir A., an already jailed Muslim terrorist. He is suspected of having made preparations for a terrorist attack in the Netherlands, for when he will be freed next year. According to the prosecution, he has been seeking the assistance of other people in jail to obtain explosives.

(Google trans):

Samir A. was sentenced to nine years in prison for preparing a terrorist attack. He was a member of the radical Hofstad, who had visited withMohammed Bouyeri, the murderer of Theo van Gogh, in his living-room .

In 2005, Samir A. with others arrested on suspicion of planning attacks on politicians or the building of the AIVD. According to intelligence, the group was looking for weapons and materials to carry out attacks. At A. was also a farewell video found. 

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  1. More proof if any is needed, that Muslim criminals cannot be rehabilitated (unless maybe they are deprogrammed of Islam, an unlikely occurrence). Even hardcore murderers can sometimes be reformed, but with Muslims this is unlikely as the reformers fail to understand the deeply held beliefs of these Koranic beasts.
    Good reasons that Muslim terrorists and wannabe-jihadists should never be released from prison. No parole, no time off for good behavior, nothing!
    Another thing, these savages should not be allowed to mingle with non-Muslim inmates. We all know the proselytizing that goes on inside jail. Prisons are the biggest recruiting grounds for Muslim converts.
    Muslim inmates should be segregated and kept in separate wings. They should be allowed no contact with other non-Muslim prisoners whatsoever. They should also be punished for their crimes and not mollycoddled. They should have no special privileges. They should have no Korans, no Halal food and no time off for prayers. They should be forced to obey prison rules. Let all the would-be jihadists know that prison is no picnic.
    Keep all the Mohammedan prisoners together (Sunnis and Shia together, who cares?) and let them fight each other, sodomize each other, and kill each other to their hearts’ content. Just keep them away from the rest.

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