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Real presidents, concerned with the state of the union, its safety and standing in the world, wouldn’t find time for simplistic political pandering during a time when world leaders, especially its allies, are coming to town. A serious president would find time to talk with U.S. allies about the serious issues of the day, not putzing it up on a bimbo show and being treated like a 3rd world cult of personalty dictator.

NOTE: Kudos for the Canadians for filling in the breech while the U.S. is off on vaction in Obama la la land.

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  1. Or I could like at it in another way.

    If I was the POTUS, I too would not meet with Netanhayu, specially so if we had a plan.

    Disinformation is a good tactic in war. It keeps the enemy guessing, and sometimes, come to the wrong conclusion.

    We must bear in mind that Obama does not have a free hand. No democratic leader has that freedom. He has to listen to his advisors, or they wont give him advice anymore. In addition, his policies will face stiff resistance in the civil service to the extent that the civil service will do what it wants. The PM or president cannot complain, for that would expose his weakness. In any case the civil service knows that the PM will be gone in a few years, while they are in office for ever.

    The general strategy of this war was established a year or so after 9/11. No president can go against it, or he would be subject to damaging leaks from the CIA and other agencies. In an election year, that can be fatal for his chances.

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