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  1. Great video.

    But sooner of later, Pat has to acknowledge the irreconcilable differences between Islam and the West. And that means stopping all Islamic immigration, and the removal of the ones over here.

  2. Pat’s last words are: “You’ll (Muslims) suck it up and like it.” The “it” is free speech for ALL.

    Assuming this is a prediction, Pat has actually told us that someday, Muslims might actually embrace freedom and democracy. I wonder if he knows that. I think he does.

    Years ago, my friend Debbie Schlussel wrote a column complaining that Pat Condell was not a “friend of the Jews”. At the time, I agreed with her because Condell didn’t fully understand what he now articulates in this presentation. Pat Condell changed over the years. I wrote about this on my own blog.

    In fact, if you listen carefully to this presentation, you’ll notice that he reflects on his past feelings and explains shy they have changed. He assumes a lot of people think like he does. Unfortunately, not enough people think like him.

    That being said, a lot of people are beginning to speak out where they hadn’t before. As we observe Muslims fighting (quite literally) hard to censor free speech, a certain nerve is touched in the free world; one that recognizes an enemy almost automatically.

    I think Pat is on to something. People are getting sick of this nonsense of shouting “You have insulted Islam!” every time they face political opposition and criticism.

  3. The thing to understand about Pat is that he dislikes all organised religion , he is ” no friend ” of Catholic ,Protestant , Buddhist or Jew , but that is not the same as disliking the people . The people that he despises are Muslims who behave like savages , and don’t we all .
    The very sight of the slavering , dirty , unkempt screaming mobs of ignorant illiterates offends me , but who will rid me of them ?

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