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Obama’s mindset is cast in the mold of European social democracy, in other words, big government and its massive administrative state apparatus enshrined in the European Union. Obama would gladly trade the finely crafted thin document of the US Constitution for the thick and grossly incoherent mess of the EU constitution (a.k.a. the Lisbon Treaty).

Europe has long since given up on individual liberty in exchange for the welfare state.

The Financial Times Deutschland writes:

“We Germans can already hardly understand why many Americans would prefer to vote for Romney. But if we now like to believe that he has stumbled, then that is wishful thinking on our part. The policies that we like — the welfare state, universal health insurance, a foreign policy of rapprochement– are the policies that Obama stands for. He is Europe’s preferred candidate. But the political culture in parts of the US is different. It is more conservative, more religious, more skeptical about government and more focused on the individual. And some statements that would cause a scandal in Germany are only enough to cause a blip in the polls in the US.”

3 Responses

  1. The current explosive growth of an entrenched parasite class in specifically those European countries with the most generous welfare benefits will soon force them to choose between welfare or economic survival. Then they will have neither individual liberties nor welfare states.

  2. So we spent blood and treasure on two major occasions to give Europe and the Germans a chance to redefine themselves onto a better life path. After all of that, the world winds up with an ever bigger cesspool of leftists and statists who still do not get the realities of life. The person who wrote this meme in the German financial paper is what we call a “kool-aid drinker” (a reference to Jim Jones’ followers drinking a concoction of arsenic and kool-aid in order to commit mass suicide/murder). The arsenic in this case? Statism, communism, leftism, or the willful blindness exhibited by those who support the likes of a Barak Obama, the worst example of a president in my lifetime if not of all time. The fact that Europe seems to adore him tells me all I need to know. You have a derailed society that is lost and, at least for now, can’t find its way home. Pity. I loved my first trip to Europe in 1968. Now I have let my passport expire for I have no intention of returning in my lifetime. You have fallen in love with the enemies of the west. Obama especially for you can only see the captivating purple drink in the hand he presents – and completely miss the empty bottle of arsenic in the other.

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