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Rabbi Melchior totally sidesteps the P.A.’s gravy train mentality, open corruption in both Fattah and Hamas ruled areas and their authoritarian rule, as well as the very long line of radicals waiting in the wings to get their chance at running it all. I can only imagine the muffled laughter (as he exists the building) erupting into uncontrollable laughter as he is driven outside of the compound.

NOTE: This mindset has been seen throughout history, the truth is too unbearable so we invent palatable memes to sooth our (justifiable) worries.

Islam is ready for peace with Israel, says rabbi who has met with ‘whole strata’ of radicals

Ex-cabinet minister Michael Melchior, who has talked with extremists in the West Bank, Gaza, Egypt and North Africa, says all are willing for co-existence alongside the Jewish state, but Israel isn’t listening


Let’s close our eyes for a moment. Let’s just say that the following would be possible: That we could have a religious peace between Judaism and Islam, where the leading Jewish and Islamic authorities would give their religious legitimization to a two-state solution, which would accept that there is a Jewish state next to a Palestinian state living in peace. Not a hudna, not an armistice. Living in full peace next to each other. Even beyond that – with an Arab minority living in Israel, maybe even with a Jewish minority living in Palestine.

Let’s say that this would get the support from leading Islamic authorities — from the Islamic Brotherhood, Hamas and Fatah — and the leading rabbis and the poskim(authorities on Jewish law), 80 or 90 percent of the poskim. Would that be good?

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  1. Melchior?

    Wasnt he one of the wise men who went to see the baby Jesus.

    Gosh, if he had been around 0 AD, he would have told Joseph and Mary that Herod was misunderstood, and there was no need to flee to Egypt.

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