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There is more here than meets the eye. This is one of those ‘gotcha’ moments, that all officials who love to trample on free speech (when it suits their agendas)… love. You can bet your bottom dollar that the Left in America loves to shut down speech that it doesn’t care for or agree with. This is one of those times.

Yes the film maker was on parole, and yes it appears that he violated the terms for that parole, but you can be sure that they’ll try to make ”an example” of him regardless of the fact that his film doesn’t violate an US laws. As Breitbart is reporting, Bill Maher, a million dollar supporter of the Obama re-election campaign, whose anti-religion documentary ”Religulous” not only mocked Christians, but also mocked Islam as well, (a rather toned down one, remember those fatwas Bill).

I contend however, that if not for the gift of his possible parole condition violations, the film maker wouldn’t have been taken by police for ”private discussion with them” last night. It’s not to say however that the Obama administration wouldn’t want him silenced and punished, they do, and it looks like the film maker gave them a casus belli to do it.

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  1. I bet the MB will offer to “stem” the violence in exchange for the release of the 93 world trade centre bomber rachman.

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